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Meet The JSE Team

Advancing blockchain
mining and cryptocurrency trading

JSECoin Team

Formed 6th august 2017

The JSE Team are driven and committed to improving and simplify the process by which people can mine and transact with cryptocurrencies through the use of the browser for all devices.

“We no longer live in the 90’s and it shouldn’t be as difficult as it is today to buy and trade goods with a cryptocurrency.”

The Team

James Bachini

Founder and CEO

James has a history of building successful digital marketing businesses. With 8 years experience in the ad-tech industry.

Experience in developing high volume applications and websites. Wrote his first program on a Commodore64 and has been hooked ever since.

Responsible for overseeing business development and marketing campaigns.

John Sim

Co-founder and CTO

With over 15 years of IT experience - John presents regularly on Full Stack Development, Innovation, User Experience and Cloud Architectures at key Global IT Tech and App conferences.

His core focus at JSE will be leading and advising the development team as well as working closely with the Design and UX teams on improving the cryptocurrency User Journey and Experience with the new JSE platform.

Dave Mallett

Co-Founder and CMO

Dave heads up our technical support and social channels where he provides technical knowledge, patience and assistance to our users.

You will see him active on the forums and social sites, helping, guiding and actively promoting JSECoin.

Tracey Howard

Co-Founder and CFO

MAAT accredited accountant. 20 years experience in the financial management and accountancy.
Previously directed the finance department at a mid-cap IT solutions provider.

Responsible for completing the monthly management accounts which are published on the website and carrying out cash-flow forecasting and projections.

Tracey brings a wealth of financial experience to the team.

Amr Gawish

Enterprise Blockchain & Cloud Architect

Hailing from the dunes of Cairo; Amr is a true Technology Nekkyō-sha!

With a bachelor's degree in Math and Computer Sciences and is currently pursuing his master's.

Amr is passionate about technology and is always pushing the limits of the technologies he uses.

His focus at JSE is on Ethereum, solidity and web3 integrations with a future look at EOS platform.

Andy Weaver

Enterprise Architect

Born of the frozen tundra in central Alaska with only a green and black monochrome 8086 to code on.

Andy now resides in slightly warmer Minnesota with more modern hardware.

An IT Enterprise Architect with over 15 years of experience Andy has implemented solutions for companies across the spectrum.

His focus at JSE is to help build out a robust backend architecture and data models that will be able to scale for the future.

Alexandra Sim - MCIPD

International HR

A high achieving and internationally experienced HR professional, talented at leveraging value from human capital; achieving a Project Mangement Special Masters Degree, an MBA and a Bachelors of Business Administration with specialisation in International Trade at Universities across Europe. Multi-lingual, fluent in four languages with working knowledge of another three, has 7 years experience of HR management and EU employment law.

Enjoys relaxing in the streets of Bucharest with a warm blood cocktail.

Oliver Bachini

Marketing Advisor

6 years experience in online advertising and affiliate marketing. Ran a full service digital marketing agency for 4 years. 6 years full stack development experience. Image and digital media editing professional. Recently returned from an around the world trip to help with the JSEcoin project.

Oliver will be responsible for managing the affiliate accounts and helping with front end developments and media production for social networking accounts.

Angelo Santagata

Technology Architect

TOGAF 9 Enterprise Architect

A Technology Architect with a passion for figuring out how technology can help a business thrive and succeed. His main roles have been of a trusted adviser helping customers figure out their architectures and helping them successfully deploy projects.

Outside of work Angelo loves “tinkering” with gadgets and technology, one pet project is creating a IOT smart home using devices such as Arduino/ESP8266, servers such as HomeAssistant and protocols like MQTT with a variety of sensors.