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General Enquiries


Are you planning to release a wallet?

We are currently integrating the platform with an ERC20 compatible Ethereum smart contract. This will be compatible with all 3rd party ERC20 compatible wallets such as myetherwallet, metamask, parity etc. For most users we recommend storing your tokens on the web platform and using strong security practices on your account such as unique passwords and two factor authentication.

I've lost my two factor authentication code, what can I do?

If you have lost your phone or access to your 2fa codes we recommend reinstalling Google Authenticator or Authy on a new device and signing in with your gmail account to access your codes. If this doesn't work we will require photo identification matching the name and address used when you signed up for an account along with answering some security questions. Please note 2fa is a security feature and we reserve the right to decline requests to reset it if we are not 100% satisfied that the case is genuine.

Why should I use a unique password for the JSEcoin platform?

You should use a different password for every platform that you register with. Users who use the same email address and password for every account risk having their accounts hacked. This is because high profile hacks leaked databases of email/password combos which are now available to hackers. Yahoo, Linkedin, Sony, AOL, Equifax have all been breached in the past and user account data is in the hands of hackers. Financial platforms are particularly targetable by hackers for obvious reasons. Take care of your account, use a unique password and setup two factor authentication using an application like Google Authenticator. This advice goes for all platforms across the web and not just specifically JSEcoin.

Why is my ad-blocker/anti-virus software is blocking JSEcoin.com?

Some ad blockers and anti-virus companies have bundled us in with hidden background mining scripts that mine on a users PC without them knowing. We are actively campaigning and lobbying the organisations that are blocking our domains. If you would like to help please contact your software provider and ask for an exception to be made.

How can I earn JSEcoin cryptocurrency tokens using just my PC?

There are a number of ways to earn JSE. You can try the self-mining which runs a mathematical hashing process on your laptop in the background while you work. Rewards are distributed via a lottery system to the miners. If you have a website you can earn JSE by placing the code snippet on your site and getting visitors to mine for you while you sleep. You can refer friends and colleagues using the affiliate links available via the platform, there's even a simple social share button to tweet or share on Facebook. Finally you can help our team develop the platform by completing the small jobs listed here .

I'm new to the platform; is there anywhere I can find an overview of how everything works?

Yes. We have a video walkthrough guide which can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgoYhUPgqlY

Should there be a specific page you are after you can jump to the following timings.

  1. Transfer 1:05
  2. Export 2:45
  3. Mining 4:16
  4. Publisher 6:46
  5. Investors 9:45
  6. Referrals 10:00
  7. Settings 11:33

Do you have a rough guess at what the ICO price to BTC will be?

No and we wouldn't like to take a guess at this because it relies on external factors out of our control. It is an extremely volatile market where values can change by large amounts in very short spaces of time.

Pre-ICO tokens were sold at a value of 1JSE = $1, what will be the value for your ICO?

It is difficult to say at this stage but the value will be determined by demand and market conditions at the time of the ICO. We are working hard to create a platform that will be in high demand and deliver a good return to all early investors.

If JSEcoin is a coin on its own, is it listed on Coinmarketcap?

JSEcoin is a cryptocurrency on its own but we are not listed on Coinmarketcap yet because we haven't listed on the exchanges. We will look to list on exchanges following our ICO later this year.