JSE InText Ads Test

This sentance should have a word that we can dynamically insert a link to such as ipad which could link to an amazon affiliate program for examle.

This is an existing link for a really nice kindle fire that we don't want to be interfered with, this kindle should also not be changed. No menu items or anything outside of <p> tags will be altered ensuring no disruption to publishers sites.

There's also the keyword kindle in this sentance which shouldn't be injected either because it will be added to the blocked keyword list from above. Other keywords like menu and back shouldn't be modified.

This paragrpah contains script tags so lets forget that all together no link should be inserted for ipad blog

How about if we have the word book. Followed by a full stop. Do we want to inject this?

How about if we have the word netflix
Followed by a <br> Do we want to inject this?

Links are labelled with rel="nofollow" and no ad request is made for known spiders/crawlers to provide reasurance to website owners that rely on search engine traffic.

Testnet Screenshot

This is what it will look like from the campaign setup

This is the stats panel where you'll see keywords instead of banners under the creatives tab

Publisher options to turn on or off under advanced settings in publisher setup

If you are interested in inText advertising, setup an account at https://platform.jsecoin.com