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1000 Users

September 8, 2017 Announcements News 0

Our 1000th user has just signed up on the site after just 24 days since the public launch. It’s an incredible response to a product that is clearly in demand and people want out there.

I got up early to watch it and then missed the big screen shot moment 🙁

We will be sending out a newsletter later today saying thank you to all the early adopters and giving a general update.

There will be a big update rolled out over the weekend which we are really excited about, more details in the newsletter. The new platform is sleeker, less buggy, more responsive on mobile, mores secure with 2 factor authentication and there is a lot of things behind the scenes that are now setup so we can handle increased volume going forwards.

Tracey is still waiting on the bank accounts to be setup for the new business. This is really the only thing holding us back now before we start marketing to investors.

It’s been an exciting and demanding few weeks. Thanks to everyone that has made this possible and we look forward to working with you all long in to the future.