30 Day Review

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30 Day Review

September 13, 2017 Announcements Comment News 0

Since we opened the platform up to the public on the 15th August 2017 the adoption and feedback from the community has been incredible.

Our user base is growing exponentially, webmasters are pushing huge volumes of traffic and outside investors trusting us with their funds.

It has been a wonderful first month full of ups and downs. Some highlights were receiving our first investments, reaching 1000 platform users and having our code run on 1 million unique visitors browsers in a single day. We literally just reached the 4000 users mark and this time I got the screenshot.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed. We have had so much help from the community. Just yesterday we were given the idea to introduce a dark mode and you can find this rolled out in your platform, click on the little moon button to change it to nighttime settings, something we never even thought of but was really popular with users.

Little things as well like having the account balance above the export coins button so you know how much you have available on the page was one suggestion. Simple UI things that get overlooked but with a great community we are bringing the platform forwards.

One negative that we have found is that the coin distribution is drying up fast in the self-mining platform. At one point today we had around 400 people all logged in at the same time competing for 0.5 coins per minute.  Because of the lottery style rewards system it means some users are going for long periods without seeing any earnings and questioning if the platform works. For users that have only just signed up this could pose a significant problem. To alleviate this we have taken the decision to cut the payout in half to 0.005 and double the volume to 100 rewards per minute. Meaning even at peak times users should still be getting something every few minutes. We will monitor the effect of the increased block data and if it’s not too detrimental we may go up to as many as 500 rewards per minute as demand requires.

While the publishing side is equally competitive it seems that publishers are more used to checking their stats daily so there is no need to break up their payment structure at this point as things even themselves out eventually.

Again thanks to everyone that has believed in what we are doing and helping us make a better cryptocurrency.