3rd April 2019 Update

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3rd April 2019 Update

April 3, 2019 Announcements Comment Development Investors News 0

In this JSEcoin update video we’re going to talk a little bit about what we’ve been up to so far this year, what we’re focusing on as we’re going into Q2 and some interesting developments for the project.

So far we’ve really been focused on the ad-tech side and getting that exchange up and running that launched in Q1. It has been successful, we’re pretty happy with the technology side of it and there’s ads running on publishers websites. We pushed it out quickly and built on what our users were telling us that they wanted and we’re overall very happy with how that’s gone.

Moving in to Q2 we’re going to shift our focus on to the enterprise solutions so the first part of this is gonna be a API for bot detection. There’s going to be a free and a paid version. The free version will have a recapture type system where the user takes a box and it may challenge the user depending on the client-side data so complete a small challenge, we have a working demo for this and are ahead of schedule. The second part will be an Enterprise API which you can look up IP based data and get a risk score for. This is something that could benefit e-commerce platforms looking at fraud, and ad-tech/media buyers looking to do real-time bidding. The work we’re doing on this can also benefit our internal system so it’s a win-win. The other side of the enterprise solutions is side-chain technology which is when clients can run a blockchain internally or externally and then leveraging a third-party public blockchain to verify their data. That is something we’re going to be looking for clients to to work with on.

Because we’re ahead of schedule on the development side this alowed us some time to do outreach and promotions for the project. We started this with some YouTube influencer interviews which which are going to be completed this week. I done one yesterday and have another scheduled for tomorrow and the idea of this is to try and get the name out there. At a moment not many people have heard of the project and we have we have this working product but we need we need more people to know about it and get it in front of new potential stakeholders.

The other thing we’ve been looking at is exchanges so we have a couple of a centralized exchanges in the pipeline one of which we have an offer for but it’s a new exchange and we just waiting for them to resolve some tech side issues the second one looks really great and we will hopefully be able to announce more information in due course. We are actively looking for more exchanges to list on but obviously these aren’t going to be the Bittrex’s and Binance’s of the world, we don’t have the funds to cover their multi-million dollar listing fees so we’re looking at newer, medium sized exchanges. What we really want is a high quality centralized exchange with good growth prospects and support.

The next thing we want to talk about is investment and the company finances. We publish our accounts monthly and anyone who has been looking at that will see that we are pretty bootstrapped at the moment. We have enough funds to pay for the service and keep the project going, we don’t have anything to do really proactive work on publisher outreach or to pay YouTube influencers for example. We’re very lucky that we have organic growth within the project which I am very grateful to everyone that works on that and uses the referral tools. In the medium term we’re looking at bringing a VC in or an angel investor and doing an equity deal to relinquish some equity in the company to gain more funds and take the project to the next levelk. If we can find the right person that can add value to the project as well and can guide us, connect us with other industry members there should be a lot of value for all stakeholders in the project.

The final thing I want to mention is we applied for the Google startup campus in London and have been accepted for that myself and John we’re gonna be going down there shortly to do an induction. At the moment we’re working remotely and it will be nice to have a central base in London where we can connect with other industry members, go to more meetups and just network a little bit to get out there and raise awareness for the project. So that’s very exciting for for us personally and for the project so if you’re in London and would like to setup a meeting let us know. Thank you to the JSE community for your support with the project.