Ad Exchange Update v1.9

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Ad Exchange Update v1.9

February 8, 2019 Announcements Code Development Investors News Publishers 0

Testing is now nearing completion on the new JSE ad exchange.

On Wednesday 13th February 2019 we will push out a major update for the platform and network. We expect there to be a period of 1-2 hours network downtime while we are carrying out the work.

This update will go live immediately however advertising will not start displaying on publishers sites until a week later on Wednesday 20th February 2019. This will give all advertisers and media buyers a week to upload campaigns and for us to carry out production testing. Initially all new advertising campaigns will require manual approval to prevent misuse which may take up to 48 hours.

Initially ad placements are limited to banners with the following IAB specs:-

  • Mobile: 300×100 header banner
  • Desktop: 728×90 header & 300×250 floating bottom right banner

JPG, GIF, PNG – 250kb max filesize

Post launch we will be expanding the placements available in line with demand.

The ad exchange is fully transparent. Media buyers and publishers have full visibility and control over where and what advertising is placed. The JSE platform will now provide a direct market place for the trading of digital advertising. 100% of ad spend will be paid to the publishers. The code is open sourced on github for verification of this. Our aim is not to make a margin on each trade but to create utility for the JSE token and this gives us a number of unique advantages.

Our continued fight against bot traffic. As our profits and margins are not a direct reflection of the traffic volumes there is no incentive for us to turn a blind eye to fraudulent traffic. This is the biggest problem currently affecting the digital advertising industry with billions being lost each month to fraudulent publisher impressions. While our platform is by no means perfect we have and will continue to work hard to reduce the impact of fraud and bot traffic on the network. This will provide long-term benefits to genuine publishers and advertisers alike.

Some of the advertisers we will be working with initially include:

Here are some screenshots of the platform in our local test environment.