Ad Exchange Update

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Ad Exchange Update

February 22, 2019 Development Publishers 0

2nd Update: 28th Feb 2019

We’ve been rolling out additional updates over the last few days including:-

  • Advertising with no mining option
  • Round up micro payments to two decimal places on payout after 7 days. Avoids balances showing with six figure decimals.
  • Banner images now show in stats as opposed to filename/reference
  • Known non-malicious bot traffic such as google bot, bing crawler etc wont request ads.
  • Bug fix in manual category targeting for “general/blog” category
  • Continent groups on country targeting

Original Post

It’s only been a few days since the launch of the ad exchange but today we have pushed out an important update which addresses some of the feedback we have had so far.

  • Manual banner placements. You can now select “manual banners” and place code in addition or alternative to the automatic banners. Place the code in the HTML where you want the banners to appear. Currently set at a maximum of five banners per page.
  • Manual category setup. It is now possible to set your site category manually in the advanced settings of the publisher setup. While we are working on the automatic site categorization, this may be a good option if you know what category your site should fall into and want to prevent inappropriate themed ads appearing.
  • Showcase updated automatically with highest volume sites displayed.
  • Tooltips everywhere.
  • Estimated volume calculator – this is only a rough guestimate and we should be able to improve it once we have more data to work with.
  • Performance improvements, ad compression via imagemin module. Delivery via CDN. Should improve image load times.
  • Ad information icon added along side the close ad button.