Blockchain Global Expo 2019 Write Up

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Blockchain Global Expo 2019 Write Up

April 29, 2019 Comment News 0

We attended both days at the Blockchain Expo and it was an interesting conference. Like last year it was split in to four parts with IoT, CyberSecurity and AI. Last year Blockchain was by far the most popular probably taking up half the show. This year it was more even with AI probably the busiest and cyber security getting the least attention #concerning

The talks are good all be it a little promotional but it was interesting to hear other people reflect on the current industry and the challenges and opportunities in the sector. A lot of talk about security tokens and tokenisation of different asset classes. I noticed a lot of offshore lawyers/bankers/accountant type companies advertising legal services to setup offshore blockchain companies, particularly in Malta and Gibraltar. A few new projects and services and some generally great people.

Here are some pics from the show:

Exhibition from the main entrance
Blockchain business models
Bitcoin SV 😕
I always really like the Stratis stand. Seems they are very much trying to align with Microsoft
Moyee deserve a plug for the free coffee
Rise of crypto capitalism. Jamie Burke from Outlier ventures was really interesting and made some good points.
Wait a minute.. that logo looks familiar!!
Snippets from the bitcoin market journal / mainfesto
architecture behind blockchain
I guess they figured there wouldn’t be any developers in the crowd #jquery