Bounty Campaign Payouts 2nd July 2018

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Bounty Campaign Payouts 2nd July 2018

July 2, 2018 Announcements News Publishers 0

We have processed all bounty payments up to around 12:00 UTC today. Airdrops have also been verified but the airdrop payment wont go out until the 4th July.

We had 8500 submissions in total and we had to filter a lot of it because there was some spam and bot submissions.

The first thing we done was remove any duplicate accounts and unconfirmed accounts (no email confirmation). We then remove duplicate submissions and separated it down into categories to manually review.

We found it much harder to monitor quality on Facebook and Twitter bounties than on articles or videos. It’s pretty clear how genuine an article or video is whereas a simple retweet or facebook post could be done by bots. This is something we might need to look at in the future once we have some more data on the quality of the traffic and make adjustments to payouts as required. For now we will leave everything the same.

The following is a breakdown of the best videos and articles:-

This includes our favourite video and article winners this week which will each get 10,000 JSE.

The ambassador program this week was split to just 3 users. Rob who has been a huge help creating data visualizations to tackle fraud on the network took the highest reward. This is a incredible tool that we should have been using months ago:

Thank you to everyone that has helped and supported the project.