Changes to the referral and support programs

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Changes to the referral and support programs

November 17, 2018 Announcements Development News Publishers 0

Referral System

Since exchange listing we have been targeted by a lot of referral and mining fraud. The vast majority of the referral fraud is coming from a few countries and we feel that we can not justify the referral rewards in these regions. We believe this has more to do with the IP restrictions in these countries as opposed to the fraudsters actually being based there.

We are going to combine the tiered system in to a single flat rate referral program for the following countries.


Payout will be set to 300 JSE and this will be reviewed regularly based on the effectiveness and popularity of the referral system and the current valuation of the JSE token.


The project has grown to a stage where it is now impossible to effectively offer support on an individual personalised basis.

We are currently receiving 100+ support queries and emails every day alongside messages across all the social channels. This has led to an impossible working condition where we are no longer able to focus on proactively growing the project.

We believe with our limited resources we will be able to offer better overall support moving forwards by improving the FAQ and turning this into a more complete support center with answers to every question we’ve ever been asked. A chat bot will be developed which will direct users to the correct articles based on the latest language processing technologies. For this we are leveraging some technology developed by fishbowl solutions to integrate Oracles digital assistant.

The most important thing is that the team moves from a survival responsive mindset back to a proactive development mode.

Account Suspensions

There has been a lot of negative response on the forums and social channels to the account suspensions which have taken place because of the fraud on the network. We simply can’t allow the fraudsters, scammers and hackers to get away with abusing the network. If we didn’t have the pending rewards and suspension system we would not be able to prevent fraudsters abusing the network and diluting the circulating supply which would hurt every genuine stakeholder in the project.

That being said we do need to remove the human aspect of the account suspensions. The technology is now available that we can use machine learning to develop an ever evolving baseline of what is and isn’t acceptable on the network.

We’ve carried out initial experiments with TensorFlow.js and from next week we should be able to remove the human factor from the fraud detection aspect. The models will need to be trained based on manual analysis but the actual accounts affected will be decided by the algorithms based solely on the data with no interference or influence from the JSE team.

I’d like to reassure all users that if you aren’t doing anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about. Accounts that get suspended are either sending high volumes of non-responsive referrals or have websites setup that are leveraging huge volumes of fake bot traffic.

For anyone running bot or PTC traffic to their sites or sending fake users then I suggest you are wasting your time. If you are buying traffic for your site and it’s $1 for 10,000 visitors then you should not plead ignorance that you didn’t realise this was automated traffic systems and not real users.

Moving Forwards

These changes will be a crucial step in scaling to the next level and freeing up the teams resources to get back to building, developing and pushing the project forwards.

While we have enjoyed getting to know and having individual conversations with our users we now need to take a step towards building something that is bigger than ourselves.

The referral tiers will go live from Monday and the personal support will be faded out as we develop a support center that can more effectively handle the volume of users that we have.

Thank you to everyone that continues to support the project and has helped us get this far.