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Small Jobs

Have some time to help our team out with some small odd jobs?

JSE promotional videos

Do you have video editing skills?

Create a promotional video for JSECoin and if it's great, and we use it, we will pay you 10,000 JSE. The video should promote the project to investors and webmasters who have never heard of the platform. It should be impressive, sleek and modern. Please don't use any copyrighted music/images/video from 3rd parties that might get us in trouble.

Become an affiliate

Earn 200 JSE per user who you can get to sign up to the platform

Get your affiliate link from the platform. Offer is double opt-in CPA and currently only available to the following countries: US, CA, GB, IE, AU, NZ, ZA, DE, FR, CH, SE, NO, FI, BE, NL, LU, DK, AT

Find security bugs and issues

Do you know how to safely pentest a platform?

Find a security issue with our platform and we will reward you with bug bounties. You can optionally also get added to our bug bounty wall of fame.