Coinhive Closing Down

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Coinhive Closing Down

March 1, 2019 Announcements Comment 0

The end for hidden background Monero mining?

For a long time the JSE project has had to compete with hidden background Monero miners. By far the most popular among publishers was Coinhive who during last months analysis still had 72% of the website mining market share.

As of March 8th 2019 Coinhive will be closing down.

The reasons given are algorithm changes and depreciation of the Monero cryptocurrency making it unsuitable to be used for browser based mining.

While we are sad to see Monero move in this direction it is a huge opportunity for the JSE project to take a leading market share in the browser mining sector. Because the JSE project and technology is built on it’s own blockchain we are not reliant on the direction of 3rd parties and this, as previously predicted, has benefited us greatly.

This should also signify the end or significant reduction in negative press around browser mining as we move forwards with a more ethical, sustainable opt-in only approach.

Any publishers that were previously using Coinhive or especially Authedmine (a opt-in subsidiary) are more than welcome to join the JSE publisher network. Our aim is to empower webmasters with the tools to further monetize their sites and content using cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions.

The publisher earnings should be favourable compared to Monero miners and the JSE token is listed on coinmarketcap and traded on 3rd party exchanges for BTC/ETH pairs.