December 2018 Accounts

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December 2018 Accounts

January 16, 2019 Accounts News 0

It’s the end of a hard year for the project and cryptocurrency in general. Valuations have dropped a lot as the bear market continues to cause problems throughout the industry. We are taking measures to reduce costs and ensure that the project continues to develop and we are given the opportunity to keep building. Hopefully the new year will bring a turn of fortunes in the markets and the hard work and commitments from our supporters will be rewarded.

It’s also a time to be pro-active and release the components of the JSE ecosystem that will build demand on exchanges as quickly as possible. The lack of investors due to the bear market has shown the need to generate real utility at volume for the JSE token.

We liquidated some ETH to cover costs this month which brings the mulitsig wallet balance down to 285 ETH. Ref.
With markets low we want to keep the liquidations to a bare minimum for the foreseeable future. For this reason we will be taking further steps to reduce costs for January.

Token Price @ 31st December 2018 $0.001247
Market Cap @ 31st December 2018 $553,006


Income Report

Year to date



Sale of cryptocurrency

Direct income expenses

Domain names0

Gross Income

Less Overheads

Office Rent 0
Press Releases3121
Mileage Expenses0
Repairs and renewals 0
Telephone Charges16
Stationery, Printing & Postage779
Server costs6059
Email provider298
Travel & Business Entertainment2102
Paypal and Bank Charges48
Currency Exchange variation874
Legal and accountancy fees1145

Total Overheads54265

Net Income

Balance Sheet

Fixed Assets

Plant & Machinery$0
Motor Vehicles$0
Office Equipment$1,684

Current Assets

Sundry Debtors$0
Bank Account 1$4,487
Bank Account 2-$9,606
Paypal account-$234


Trade Creditors$2,488
Sundry Creditors$0
Loan Account$0

Net Current Assets

Creditors after one year

Long Term Loan

Net Assets

Capital & Reserves

Share Capital
Dividends Paid$0
Profit & Loss$17,852
Income Report-$29,807