Developing Commercially Focused Blockchain Applications

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Developing Commercially Focused Blockchain Applications

January 13, 2020 Announcements Code Comment Development News Publishers Tests 0

In this video we develop a proof of concept blockchain app which will be published to our github repository:

This application is in Javascript with the backend running on node.js We use ECDSA signatures to sign data using the familiar private/public key system. Then we take a SHA256 hash of the data and distribute this to the JSE blockchain.

Developer documentation at

Technical Information


The frontend application is written in vanilla Javascript in a single index.html file. This should be easy to import into your framework of choice such as Vue or React.

We use browser based cryptography to do Sha256 hashing on local files and also to do ECDSA signatures. This is based on Crypto API and a browserify version of ECCrypto.


To push this out in to production we would need some sort of data persistence backup possibly storing data as a JSON file and restoring on restart or storing data in a datastore such as Reddis or MongoDB.

If you want to use the email features you’ll need a spam free way to send email such as Sendgrid or Mailchimp to link up. This has been left as a blank function in the utilities.js file.

This app is provided as a proof of concept application showing how we can use the Enterprise tools alongside standard cryptography to build applications.