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Making a postive impact in Web Cryptocurrency Mining

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offer a real and potentially better alternative to traditional web revenue generation methods
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Many sites use this and others, such as JSE Coin, legitimately to generate some money from their steady stream of visitors.
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Adguard estimated that each website running a crypto-mining script earned about $43,000 within the examined three-week period.
Press and Media
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Feel free to use any of the images, quotes or stats from this site in your press article. All we ask is that we are not associated with the hidden background Monero mining platforms. JSEcoin has never and will never participate in hidden background website mining.

The JSEcoin project is dedicated to building new blockchain technologies based on the web and does not mine Bitcoin or Monero. Please read the frequently asked questions documents for further information.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to one of the team please contact us .

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