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Making a conscious change for the better

JSE for Charity

In September 2017 we setup a charity account

Our pledge is to give something back to the charities that are important to our users. We are creating a peer led voting system where the charities we support are chosen by the JSEcoin community. Members can pledge any amount of JSE no matter how big or small by making a transfer to our charity account. We are also transferring any tokens unfairly earned straight to the charity account so that some good can come from some people’s bad practice. Following our ICO we will look to distribute these tokens to your chosen charities.

We will be setting up a crowd voting system and regular distribution package where anyone can suggest a registered charity and the community will vote on the most worthwhile causes which will receive funds.

This account has now grown to contain over 0 JSE and we are excited to start work on distributing this to great causes after the ICO.

As part of our commitment to operating transparently and ethically we will be publishing all outgoing transactions from this account.


Purchase some swag and give something back to charity

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