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What, Why, When...

What is JSEcoin

Cryptocurrency targeted for the web

JSEcoin is a simple to use platform making cryptocurrency accessible to a much wider audience encouraging mainstream adoption, alongside offering a genuine solution to disrupt the $200 billion online advertising industry.

Why Invest

Committed to changing the way sites are monetised

This is a new concept that is set to challenge the current model for website monetisation. With the current online advertising industry being valued in excess of $200 billion worldwide, this would be a great time to invest in a platform that could challenge the current status quo. Demand for JSEcoin will be created by the introduction of merchant tools allowing for the use of JSEcoin as a method for digital payments. We are building a large community of platform miners to ensure that there is large pool of users with JSEcoin tokens to spend.

The current trend for an ICO is for a company to do so based on an idea and a whitepaper. This clearly poses a huge risk for investors that no product will ever come to market. Whilst we are in no way able to offer investors any guarantees of a return (we would question anyone who does) we are trying to build a great platform and engage a solid user base to mitigate this risk and make JSEcoin a more viable investment opportunity.

When to Invest

ICO Summer 2018

We are planning an ICO for later this year. As mentioned above we want to ensure that we have a great working product that has been adopted by a solid user base. Exact dates will be announced once we have finished the majority of the major development as listed on our timeline.

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