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Technical Overview

Innovating with Web Browser Capabilities and beyond

Web browser mining overview

Why enable web browser mining capabilities?

We use a similar approach to Google Adsense and other analytical or advertisement platforms - where a webmaster embeds an external javascript file into their website.

A minimal amount of a visitors CPU is used to then mine JSE Coins (less than 10% - no more than having a video snippet included on a page). The more visitors you have the more your community of users are pooled together to improve the amount that is mined.

Take a look at our stats page to see average user CPU usage > .

Technical Overview

Monetise your website

Imagine making money without the clutter of advertisement

JSE Webmaster Case Studies

JSEcoin Merchant Tools

How to get started?

One Script tag and a little magic


Sign up

Create an account where you can platform mine, or allow your visitors to pool and mine from your site.



Copy and paste the javascript code on to your website or select the platform mining button.



Use our merchant tools to allow users to purchase goods and services with JSEcoin

Login Screen

Mining Coins - Cryptography

JSE is a cryptocurrency that is mined through a browser

We have secp256k1 elliptical curve ECDSA working server and client side in the browser. This allows users to digitally sign transactions.

For hashing we use the standard SHA256 algorithm. When available we use the browsers inbuilt methods Crypto.Subtle API as this offers near native performance. On older browsers there is a fallback SHA256 function. The SHA256 algorithm takes data of any length or size and produces a unique code string for it which is always the same length.

When searching for hashes we change the data by just one digit and it calculates a completely different string of alphanumeric letters. Our miners do this calculation over and over again looking for the lowest possible value string which will have leading zeros.

How does the hashing process work?

Simplifying user adoption and mining through a browser

  • Phase 1

    Transaction data is setup on the platform and sent to client web browser

  • Phase 2

    Data is signed from within the browser using ECDSA Cryptography (secp256k1)

  • Phase 3

    Transaction is verified by the node and pushed to the current block

Mining Rewards

JSE is a cryptocurrency that is mined by through a browser

Publisher Mining

144,000 coins / day, lottery system, tickets are distributed for unique visitors, page views and hashes found.

Platform Mining

144,000 JSEcoins / day lottery system 1 ticket per hash found.**

Ad Earnings

(not yet implemented) Estimated eCPM x impressions – margin, based on market value of the cryptocurrency.

Important: earnings based on impressions, unique users and time on site rather than best hashes. This prevents high powered equipment or server farms being able to dominate the mining.

Buy in fiat currencies USD,EUR,GBP (Paypal,Bank Wire)

Buy in cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH (Address provided, ERC20/23 in development)

** Per block ticket limits are placed on the lottery to ensure a fair distribution and to combat mining-fraud.

Network Architecture


JSE Network Architecture

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