Firefox Quantum Tested

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Firefox Quantum Tested

November 15, 2017 Comment News 0

Mozilla have released their Firefox Quantum update and it’s pretty impressive.

We have tested it with the publisher script and the self-mining and haven’t had any issues.

Quantum does “feel” quicker thanks to the new browser engine.

On the self-mining tests it’s hard to tell as so much is dependent on external factors but we can’t see a significant difference in hash rates since the update.

At JSEcoin we are browser geeks and on first impressions we are big fans of the work Mozilla have put in to this update. If you are using Chrome and happy with it then I would say stick with that. If you are using Edge, Safari or god forbid Internet Explorer it is worth trying out:

P.S. We’ve been doing some updates to the platform to integrate sharing and social buttons. We hope this will make it easier for our users to spread the word and earn affiliate revenues at the same time.