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    Will JSE is going to be decentralised? I read about open sourcing, but cant find nothing about going off central servers.

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    Hi Hans,

    This is quite a big topic so I wrote my thoughts down as a blog post:

    Thoughts on Decentralization

    Kind regards,


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    I agree with this article, I feel safer using a centralised system. Nobody really cares about a DDOS attack, but losing the value of your coins with an ETH/ETC scenario is a true nightmare. Since the integrity of the database is guaranteed, there is no issue. But with time it would be nice to have an hybrid solution, as you said, it could solve a lot of issues!

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    The biggest disadvantage to consumers of a decentralized system is that there is no buyer protection.

    I think that this is not a disadvantage. Decentralization does not touch reputable services in terms of them scamming their customers. And I believe if JSE would be successful there would be plenty of escrow services for transactions to non-reputable parties. Decentralization issue can be solved and I don’t think that this is an argument not to decentralize. JSE brings great innovation, but this can be a fence on which investors and users will be sitting on.

    Second thing, is if you are thinking about protecting people from being scammed, you will need a lot of resources. A lot of resources, and this is only in case JSE will be a success. People get scammed not only in decentralized cryptocurrency. Telephone fraud, bank fraud also exists. Its about users being smart.

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