Future Use Cases

Website Cryptocurrency Mining

Future Use Cases

October 31, 2017 Development Investors News 0

Our primary ambition and end goal is to create a cryptocurrency that is adopted globally by a mainstream audience. Our best chance of getting to that stage is to produce a platform that is focused on the needs of webmasters and accessible to everyone.

We intend to release merchant tools that will allow webmasters to use JSEcoin for taking digital payments via their websites.

  • Shopping carts
  • Pay buttons
  • SaaS subscriptions
  • Digital downloads
  • Digital marketing
  • Software sales
  • Website membership subscriptions

Anything purchased through a website should be available to pay with cryptocurrency and JSEcoin could lead the way in making this possible and simple for webmasters.

With webmasters on board it will be easier to convince the mainstream audiences to the benefits of digital currency over traditional fiat currency. If a consumer can easily purchase and use a cryptocurrency then many will see the deflationary appeal as a big incentive over inflationary local currency.


If demand at ICO is not high enough to generate funds required to target mainstream audiences we could fall back to offering an advertising service where JSEcoin is the currency used to trade digital ad space. This was our original idea for the platform before we realized how much mainstream demand there was for a cryptocurrency platform.

We currently have 4216 websites that have opted-in to display advertising if it were to become available. The code snippet is already in place on sites so nothing further would be required from the webmasters.

The advertising space could be sold to affiliate marketers and digital media buyers creating additional demand for JSEcoin on the exchanges.

Webmasters would be rewarded with additional funds in JSE and statistics would be available to show how much of the rewards were coming from mining vs advertising.