"cryptocurrency mined by webmasters built for everyone"

Web Browser Mining

Anyone with a website or web browser can now mine cryptocurrency


Replace ads or earn additional revenue from your websites with background cryptocurrency mining

Pre-ICO Opportunity

Launched publicly 235 days ago. Early adopters and investors can secure Pre-ICO JSE tokens.

Live User Platform

Check out the user interface for publishers, investors and general users.
Problems We Are Trying To Solve

1. Bitcoin consumes more electricity than Cuba

2. Webmasters want new ways to monetize their sites

3. Cryptocurrency shouldn’t be so complicated

cryptocurrency mined by webmasters

easy for everyone
Cyrptocurrencies are traditionally mined by industrial sized server farms setup next to power stations consuming vast amounts of electricity. Our platform saves energy and allows webmasters to monetize their websites by replacing the role of cryptocurrency miners.
Website visitors carry out the mathematical hashing process in the background while browsing a website using excess CPU power which would be otherwise wasted. An unobtrusive code snippet placed on the website runs in the browser while a visitor is on the page. This provides the hashing functionality required to secure the blockchain.
Website visitors are made aware of the mining with a privacy notification and given a chance to opt-out.
Fee free fast transfers – utilizing a multi-blockchain core database along with an account ledger we have been able to get the transaction time down to below 30 seconds and scaled it to 50,000 transactions a second in a test suite (the same operating capacity as VISA).
Self-Mining – To make cryptocurrency fun, any user can log into their control panel and click a start mining button. A dedicated coin pool is offered so anyone with a web connection can go online and “earn” their fair share of the digital currency. This pushes the platform past “just being for webmasters and app developers”
Live Platform – The main user interface platform at: is for non-technical users. Someone with no previous experience of cryptocurrency should be able to setup an account and purchase,send,mine JSEcoin.
Interesting Fact

The cryptography code snippet uses less resources than a video advertisement and is less obtrusive to the user experience


Now is a great time to join our beta program and earn some JSEcoins while competition for mining is relatively low.

Setup your publisher account, install a code snippet on to your site and you will start receiving JSEcoins for helping secure the blockchain. Note. Can be used as a replacement or an additional revenue stream alongside traditional ad networks.


Are you an altcoin early stage investor interested in purchasing currency or equity prior to an ICO?

You can purchase JSEcoin directly from our platform using USD, EUR, GBP via Paypal or bank wire transfers or exchange BTC/ETH. We’ve made it as easy as possible for investors large and small to benefit from the JSEcoin token distribution. ​


The Bitcoin network alone uses enough electricity to power six US households for a day for each and every transaction

The entire network consumes the same amount of electricity as 1,500,000 households and the consumption of miners is growing at around 1TW/hr per month. The competitive nature of traditional cryptocurrency mining means that as prices rise more and more power is being consumed by the network because this is the only cost to miners once the hardware is purchased. The most competitive mining companies are industrial server farms setup next to power stations with access to cheap wholesale electricity. JSEcoin is mined using surplus CPU resources which would be otherwise wasted. Browser mining has a huge environmental and cost advantage over existing cryptocurrency networks. There is an opportunity to make a real difference with web based cryptocurrency mining. Whether it’s our company that breaks through with it or someone else’s, this is the direction the industry is going in and we have the first mover advantage. ​





Live Sites

Visit one of our publishers live sites to see the seamless unobtrusive integration of our browser based mining platform.

You may notice the delayed privacy notification at the bottom of the page on your first visit. In the background your browser will be carrying out SHA256 mining and sending successful attempts back to the network. To view the mining process open a browser console window using: CTRL + SHIFT + J on Chrome CTRL+ SHIFT + K on Firefox The website owner is credited with JSEcoins.

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