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    Thankyaaa riiiiight. This is a joke like jamesthinking he can swing 0 revenue 0 product and 0 anything. They straight up took out investments trust me the JSE HAD NO PROBLEAM TSKING THEIR COINT AND ETH cut from ico, but to get them to listen to 1 idea, fallow through with 1 task of then monitor you accounts well is a farse. They ARE NOT in the top 3 on Google play any more so their indexing has gone as well, do soon they will not be seen, not heard so pull out now before your a crypto std!!! James your ridiculous, more worried about your looks and presentation then your coin and community. Your a joke KEYMASTER ROFL

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    Alexis u can watch 2 autistic monkey peep a banana and still get more experience and knowledge then your would from jse, James or their entire team and road map, you should go back the other company if they make as much as 1 single cent and don’t just give coin away to lower Fiat countries while only using major Fiats to supply under the guise of “investing” we “INVESTORS” were never backed from day 1, no measures ever put in place to protect us, AND WE GO UNHEARD. Leave while you still have you dignity

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    Arturo Rodriguez Polo

    Second, it seems to me that the only joke here is you, stop cramming shit because you can tell you are an uneducated crypto currency.
    the main source of Jsecoin are and will be the webmasters and not the miners, in fact it is a gift that a miner can extract the coins for free, also jsecoin have never been well positioned in google play. It is a bad time for cryptocurrencies (seen from the corporate point of view) for us is the best time to invest and all of them have suffered and Jsecoin will suffer equally.
    JSECOIN has strictly complied with its roadmap, in fact when they launch the exchange of ads in January their price will go up.
    the only downside that I put is that latoken and idex are an exchange shit and a third exchange is essential and that it is good, when they announced these two exchanges I told them repeatedly, but it was their decision, otherwise they have always been honored and do not expect to make money with a project that is just that, a project and read your road map before putting shit and confusing people.

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    All their funds can only be enough to run JSE servers and networks for around 12 months.
    Listing on 3rd exchange?
    That is really the joke.

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    @capricorn actually, their funds might be incredibly low if it remained in ETH for long. It amazes me how much ETH has dropped… Astounding, I never thought Ethereum could go back down below $100, heck, under $200 seemed impossible until it went to $170, but now its in the $80s with predictions of $66…

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    Yes all our funds are in ETH so we are bootstrapped. Priority has to go towards a 12 month runway for the infrastructure (servers/email). We are still hopeful of getting an additional listing though. The markets are the same for everyone and smaller exchanges are struggling as well, with our strong user base there’s an incentive for exchanges to list us as they will gain trading fees and new users. The biggest concern we have is the trading volume has dropped off completely the last few weeks because noone is buying JSE or crypto generally in this bear market. This doesn’t look good when approaching exchanges but I think as soon as the markets bounce back we will see volumes shoot back up and a recovery in valuations as well. Time frame for that is a guestimate at best.

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    There are seeds of truth in the above article with reference to the decline in crypto markets generally.
    Its not the first time there has been possible manipulation on a grand scale, it will likely go up again to serve the few which effects the many.
    When this might happen is anyones guess or lays with the few that know…

    ( maybe )

    Bitcoin =

    Dec 2014 – $325
    Dec 2015 – $450
    Dec 2016 – $850
    Dec 2017 – $17000
    Dec 2018 – $3195

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    как перевести страницу сайта на русский????

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    any news on the 3 listing ? to expand area ?

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