How much USD is 1 JSE coin worth?

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    When you export where dos it go??

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    James Bachini

    Date for ICO is 11th July 2018 12:00 UTC

    BigG, the only way is to sell via a private deal which we don’t get involved in. We will be listing on reputable 3rd party exchanges immediately after the ICO. When you export the tokens are sent to a private key/public key address which acts as a transferable asset aka coincode. You can then send this to a friend and they can import it in to their account.

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    How long is the ICO and after the ICO will I be able exchange my coins into monetary value so that it can be sent to my bank account?

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    ICO will start 11th July 2018 12:00 UTC

    Full announcement here:

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    Dejan Banovic

    So, momentally, the value of 1 JSE Coin is $1?!

    Thank you.

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    ICO starting price is 0.006$, 1$ may be value on market within few years (but unlikely).

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    Even if it reaches $0.02 , would triple your investment….

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    Ray Wiggan II

    Wha are the projections as to how much the jsecoin qill trade at after ico? Is here any predictions that are valid yet?

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    There’re can’t be any valid predictions in crypto world, ’cause price of the coin\token will be decided by the market. So we as investors and holders can only guess about it

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