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    By the way, will the mining rewards remain the same or will they be increased as well ?

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    Increased at the same rate (200x) so the new figures will be:-
    Self-miners: 50 rewards per 30 second block at 1 JSE
    Publishers: 50 rewards per 30 second block at 2 JSE

    This was actually why we choose 200x increase because it brings the minimum payout up to a whole figure. I think there is a psychological benefit to paying out increments of 1 JSE as opposed to 0.005 JSE. Especially if the self-mining pool becomes very large and it becomes more like a lottery based system in years to come.

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    Howard Boelky

    Looking at all the posts, and after reading that blog post from admin, still looking very promising! I will stick with JSE for the long haul, I keep promoting and trying to bring more people! More people more value, right? If this is true then every member should work to bring at least one more, then that person bring just one more…so on and so forth!

    JSE is the NEXT BTC!!

    Keep up the great work guys..looking forward to an amazing future!

    Wishing all the best of luck,
    Howard B.

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    Thanks Howard,

    Yes this is the key to exponential growth. Anything we can do to get new users is going to be great for the project as a whole.

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    James, now that increase has happened, remove message from merchants page about increase happening before it starts causing confusion.

    Also, how about another forum section “Merchants Showcase” where merchants can list their items for sale and links to sales pages.

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    Hi Neil, that message has been removed. Regarding the Merchants Showcase I like the idea but we need to be really careful here as there would be nothing preventing a malicious user posting something that could be illegal in some countries and tarnish the reputation of the project etc. Also we want to avoid getting involved in disputes as much as possible. I think probably this needs to be something we look at after the ICO when we have more time and resources to moderate it.

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    Hi James,

    Good point, put a disclaimer that JSECoin takes no responsibility on items sold and buyers purchase at their own risk.

    Sooner or later people will start posting items for sale in other forum threads, better to have section ready for it and it will also encourage more people to start using it!

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    fernando fersaca

    i’m selling JSEcoin . 0.005$/1 jsecoin ! pm me

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    Hi james, a few days ago I began to mine.
    Has the 200 percent reward already been given?


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    Yes, 200x inflation has taken place

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    Hi James,

    Noticed that the the amounts on the website haven’t been increased yet on all pages. I noticed this on the FAQ, Odd Jobs, and Bug Bounty pages.
    I also got 2 new referrals from declined regions, the payments got reduced by the system to 0.01 JSE, maybe would be best to reduce it to 0 or 1 JSE so that these reductions don’t result into broken numbers.


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    Yep agree with all of that Rob, thanks for the suggestions. I’ll get the referrals payment updated today. We are going to be doing some work on the website launching the whitelisting for ICO and a downloads page for the apps and plugins next week so we will comb through it and update all the amounts.

    Thank you.

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    When is the 200x increase expected to happen?



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    Hi Alejandro it happened at the begining of April, here’s some info:-

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    I like your project so much. can anyone talk to me

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