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    JSE Admin

    Followed up with Kaspersky again yesterday 11/01/2018 05:18:

    Just following up on this as we haven’t heard anything back since the 27th December 2017 and we are still getting user complaints about our site being blocked by Kaspersky. Additionally we have now been whitelisted after review by bitdefender if this bares any influence.

    Kind regards,


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    Aamazing you have to answer to sketchy Russians. Maybe if you tell them you love Trump and will help launder money, rig elections and spread false information they will give you a break 🙂

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    Really? this isn’t a political platform. Take that to facebook. Trump isn’t even in his country.

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    I agree with Joseph. James is making sure the users of the publishers won’t have any trouble, it’s very far from being in the Putin crew, no reason to bring this kind of aggressivity here.

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    Hey thanks for your thoughts on my post Glem and Joseph, I will get back to you when I give a shit about your opinion. Also…look up “sarcasm” in the dictionary.

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    I’m having few websites and all are getting blocked by different Antivirus programs (Sophos and Malverbytes in my case) – did some quick search about COINHIVE which is the main reason why my sites are being blocked and my question is this… why do you even connect to coinhive servers? Aren’t you stand alone company?

    Why is Malwarebytes blocking CoinHive?

    Am losing lots of traffic cos of this and am sure 90% of webmasters are facing the same problem. Any way around this problem till now?

    P.S. Screw those Antivirus companies – they don’t give rats ass about us or your platform – if they don’t whitelist your domain you and publishers and mostly investors are doomed. So act fast please – not just by mail.

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    Hi Mark,

    Can I start off by saying that we are in no way linked to Coinhive and certainly do not connect to their servers. The initial poor practice of hiding the mining in the background and maxing out a users CPU power that has largely contributed to the restrictions being put in place by the Antivirus companies. Unfortunately JSEcoin has been unfairly treated and considered guilty simply because we offer browser based mining.

    We will continue to address this issue and are in regular contact with the antivirus companies, as well as investigating alternative solutions.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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