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    Hi Christos,

    So we have an integration with Ethereums network (separate 3rd party cryptocurrency, no.2 behind Bitcoin). The integration uses a smart contract which is like a coded set of rules as to how the token sale and token works. The hard coded bit means that it’s a fixed price for the duration of the ICO. We have the ability to adjust the bonus rate (happening tomorrow) but the rate to ethereum we cannot change.

    Post ICO we will list on exchanges and pricing will no longer be linked to Ethereum.

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    Ok i think that the 200% thing then was wrong.
    1 ETH = 75.000 JSECOINS.
    That makes JSECOINS like all other coins that have low value or not at all.
    If it was 1JSE/1USD it would be better i think. Now someone with too much money can centralize the currency or am i wrong?
    If someone comes here and buys half of coins then the jsecoin is in trouble.
    Am i right or do i speak BS?

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    The 200x was applied to everything, to the number of coins n circulation, the miner rewards, and the total number of coins that will be created in the end. So i the end nothing really changed as everything got multiplied by 200, except for the feeling that you balance grows fast when mining, or you get a lot coins when you buy.

    Before the 200x
    self-mining rewards: 0.005 JSE
    publisher mining rewards: 0.01 JSE
    Max ICO Distribution: 25,000,000 JSE
    Final Hard cap: 50,000,000 JSE

    Now, after the 200x
    self-mining rewards: 1 JSE
    publisher mining rewards: 2 JSE
    Max ICO Distribution: 5,000,000,000 JSE
    Final Hard cap: 10,000,000,000 JSE

    So the 200x didn’t make it easier/harder for someone with too much money to buy half the coins.. They would now only be a billionair instead of a millionaire.

    Probably only a good thing that someone buys half the coins though.. that would mean there would be less supply for the rest which would mean the price goes up.. and someone with that much coins would probably prevent to all costs that the project will fail and the coin will become worthless.. which would also be a good thing for the rest.

    Not sure though what would really happen if someone buys half the coins.. if there are any rich people out there who want to try; don’t hesitate to use my refferal link 😉

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