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    Dave Mallett

    Hi Tom,

    can I just check that you emailed me this morning? If so both James and I emailed you back on Tuesday, and I also emailed you back this morning. If it was you that emailed me, please send me another email and add to your address book and I will resend our emails. Have you tried resetting your JSE account passowrd?



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    Each time I navigate away from the mining site(open on other tab) the mining practically drop to zero.
    Is there any development of a new dedicated mining app?

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    Open the platform to another browser window, not a tab and you will have no problems. Do your normal browsing on another window.

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    Hi Lee yes this because browser restricts CPU to tabs that are out of focus. There’s not much we can do to counteract that behavior.

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    New browsing window does the trick. Thank you Mad_llama & James.

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    dj sero

    can i have multiple accounts?

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    Rei Ziger

    Hi everyone!

    For some reason with JSE coin it feels like I’m blindfolded.

    I can’t find any mine or any proof except the web interface that I should trust. I’m not saying it gives me fake virtual data when I press mine or load it through the API, but I don’t see any other data and I don’t know where the data actually comes from.

    The mining reward is structured in a very strange way, allowing users to win lottery tickets, plus the solved hashed seem to complex for the current algorithm level as it has started recently and not much has been mined before.

    Plus the mining is limited to one machine (as I’ve read in one of the previous posts) totally makes no sense. Each pool has an intention of mining as much as possible to make the currency stronger, and it usually takes a month or two to get them on the charts.

    Tried to verify my email a few times, but no verification came.

    Maybe I’m missing something?

    Maybe there are some extra resources where I can check stats and pool data for JSE? If so, please share.

    Right now I’m mining Monero and still have a feeling I should stick to it for some odd reason.

    And sorry, I’m not trying to insult anyone, but there is a lot that’s being going on the Internet lately, so it is always good to know if you can trust others and also if they can prove you can trust them.

    Best regards,
    Rei Ziger

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    The problem with mining more than one machine I think is that self mining is not what this is about. This is about webmasters and advertising, getting websites to put code on their site and monetize traffic. That has serious value and limitless possibilities. Self mining is basically for fun. Also let me know when your Monero wallet reaches 5 bucks in the year 2025.

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    1. All I hope is 1 JSECOIN worth more than a dollar when ICO is gotten. The stress to mine and that it’s based on lottery to earn is pain in the ass with increase in user database.

    2. I don’t really like the JSE logo on my site. I prefer the heads-up without JSE logo, it looks like JSE is doing self-promotion without me getting reward for that. The opt-out, privacy and learn more is good, though.

    I prefer something like: “Thank you! By you visiting, we mine coin to keep this site running”

    3. Lol, this is not serious. Why does Peter have profile pic and the Admin or Dave doesn’t have, not even avatar. I want to believe Peter is part of management ☺️.

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    Hey Dexter,

    Just wanted to mention if someone clicks on the logo or a link and then signs up from the privacy notice then the webmaster is rewarded with a referral commission assuming the new user meets the normal referrals criteria. I agree it is self-promotion and getting our name out there but we are trying to reward the webmasters and be fair at the same time.

    Fair point on the avatars, I’ll set one up now.

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    Happy to hear that James!

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