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    We definitely should have the option to hide the popup. Besides the design doesn’t fit at all on nearly every site, it’s the responsibility of the site owner to have their visitors informed.

    Until the hide-feature is implemented I’m not going to use it. A feature to completely change the html of it would also be ok.

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    In my opinion we should leave notifications and pop-ups or whatever to webmaster. They should design or tell their users about what is happening , if they don’t and if it’s illegal it’s their own problem that they later might have to deal with. Now it feels that you’re trying to force advertise your network on other people websites and that’s not good for anyone. You’re trying to make ad-free websites and etc but adding kind of your own ad without ability to choose. I was really interested in mining jse, but now it doesn’t feel right when you’re trying to regulate. I want privacy and freedom of choice to what we webmasters want to do with miner.

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    Crypto Coin Dude


    First off I would like to say I really like JSEcoin – it’s slick and the idea behind it is sound. The issue I have is that when conducting some user feedback on my site was there were many people who said that the privacy notice ribbon that pops up made them uneasy for a number of reasons: trust, computer issues ect.

    As a webmaster, I unfortunatley cannot risk alienating readers whether their logic is based in fact or not – afterall, it’s perception that counts.

    I therefore will not be revisiting JSEcoin, for the good of my blog, unless the notification can be placed in a privacy policy section of the site. Whether this is feasible I do not know.


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    It’s clear that JSE uses this opportunity to advertise their coin, which is unfair for webmasters not to control what goes on on their website.

    JSE is not aggressive as Monero, so it should be placed in our privacy policy. And if the team thinks the best option is to create unnecessary awareness then the JSE logo should be removed from the banner.

    Just a line of phrase suggested by CryptoLogic is good:
    “Made Ad-free by JSECoin”
    “Always Ad-Free with JSECoin”

    And then the opt out, privacy policy and learn more

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    JSE Admin

    We really want to stick to being as transparent with users as possible as I think this will benefit the project in the long run. I can understand why webmasters would prefer the code without the privacy notification but we aren’t going to be offering this at any point in the foreseeable future. Offering any kind of code that could be considered stealth mining would open us up to legal and ethical criticism.

    We are working to change peoples preconceptions about cryptocurrency mining and notifying users is a big part of that.

    The “Made ad-free by JSEcoin” is a great slogan but unfortunately we can’t use it because some publishers are running mining alongside traditional advertising. That is part of the challenge with the privacy notification, it needs to work across all sites for all publishers.

    I know this probably isn’t the answer that you guys wanted to hear but I hope I’ve clarified our stance on this.

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    JSE Admin

    This was a suggestion from Nick about reducing the privacy notice to a small icon which would provide settings when clicked for speeds, opt-out etc. We would still need to display the normal notification but instead of disappearing after 15 seconds it would shrink down to a tiny (i) icon or something like adsense. Would anyone have objections to this or have examples of sites where this might cause a problem if it was shrunk down to the bottom right corner of the screen perhaps?

    “Maybe consider rather than having the toolbar disappear completely have it minimize down to the size of one of those Google AdSense icons and give people browsing the site some settings when they hover over your logo or a coin icon. Let them increase or decrease the throttle of the mining. This will allow them to turn it up if they like the site, or down (or off) if they do not want their resources being tapped.”

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    Let’s take intercom for example


    Webmaster knows it’s going to use lower right corner of the screen.

    If it’s a problem, he will do next:

    1. Not use it at all (we try to minimize this)
    2. Use some of the option’s on intercom panel like to position it left,
    change icon etc.

    I think you could implement 2 to minimize 1.

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    Or let’s take,

    service for push notifications. You can see on their website on left corner bell for push opt-in and event
    intercom on right side. So just maybe to provide few options to webmasters.. to customize it and it should not be a problem.

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    Hey Goran, that’s a good idea to have the option for which corner you want it to go to. We could put an option in the setup site panel.

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