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    @juzi People forget passwords/pins all the time dimwit. Every major financial institution provides a way to reset these things. Even JSE coin provides a way to reset your google 2FA if you provide enough KYC! That the PIN (which we set once and never had to use again until withdrawal) can never be reset despite havng all other info, is contradictory to that policy. And Juzi I’m sure you’ve never forgotten a password right fool?

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    Thank you for your positive contribution, using words like dimwit and fool is really contributing the discussion. To use your words, I am not the fool here as I remember my pin number.

    To reiterate my previous words, it has been very clearly stated that you should write the pin number down as it cannot be recoverd. Again, if you are able to reset you pin number using the JSE platform, this would be a potential security issue: if unwanted people get access to your account they could change the pin number and transfer your funds. I am sure you don’t want that to happen?

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    It is not so easy to reset a PIN by a bank.. you probably have to go to back office with identification and they will send it to your home address..
    Maybe you could go to the JSEcoin headoffice, brring your ID, and ask them to reset your PIN. 🙂

    Although it is clearly stated you need to write down your PIN, I think it is a bit harsh not to be able to reset it in a secure way. I also couldn’t remember my PIN once and had to give it a few tries before I had it right again (normally my pin is 4 digits, and the platform requires a 5 digit one)
    Wouldn’t there be some kind of secure process to reset pins? Maybe using 2FA, sending reset code to the home address which is setup in the account (wonder how many users did this), send reset code to email address (maybe with a delay to prevent someone to be able to reset right away when they got hold of your email.. maybe a 7 day delay and during those days you will see a message on the platform/app that “a PIN reset has been requested for the account, click here if that was not done by you!”)

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    @Juzi Yes you are a fool. Millions of people forget passwords and pins all the time, you are smarter than all of them right? There are ways to reset pins everywhere, almost always (with two single exceptions: JSE and HitBTC). And btw you began the pejorative with “ignorant” so don’t play the saint, troll.

    @Rob Good idea, just like they allow 2FA resets with some proof of ID. Yes the same company allows 2FA resets but not PIN resets.

    PS: My forever-locked coins I mined for a month amount to $4 USD. It is not the money, but the principle. You can’t have a “never reset pin ever no matter what” policy if you ever expect to go mainstream as a form of money.

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    Fraud. After completing the minimum amount for withdrawal, the PIN will appear as incorrect and you lose everything, as was my case. Thief.

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    Mark the Woodpecker

    Or maybe… You messed up something. Jsecoin has a little over 150000 registered users, thousands of which are active self miners and over 20000 websites use Jsecoin on a daily basis. Despite these statistics there are only a handful of people that have come forward with problems regarding their pin numbers. It’s not a scam, it’s not a fraud and they’re not thieves. Hopefully you get your problem sorted out and hopefully you leave the accusations aside if you write more posts on this forum.

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    James Bachini

    That’s ridiculous Fernando. We obviously do not change users pins when they get to the minimum withdrawal. Regarding resets if we allowed pin reset via email it would mean anyone that has hacked email (read anyone that uses the same password for all accounts) would lose their funds. The point of the pin is that it can’t be changed or found by a hacker that has access to other accounts. We can’t do photo ID verifications because we don’t have the support/man power to verify and also ID’s can be easily photoshopped so this wouldn’t be a good solution at any rate.

    We make it obvious and clear that this is important when setting it up. I don’t know what else we can do to force users to create good security practices:

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    I started the JSE mining back in 2017. Since then I had no interest in trading or getting deeper involved in Crypto, mining JSE via web browser was a competition between friends to see who could mine the most.
    I have not stopped and sitting on a pretty large pot at the moment and really getting interested in trading etc.
    I have been going mad trying to remember the pin I used, and to honest I don’t think I used a normal pin I use daily, weekly or monthly.

    I am all for the security, but is there no way to maybe replace the pin with google auth, I don’t want to lose coins I have mined and open a new account feels pointless then.

    You can PM directly or reply to this thread, any type of solution would be great.

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    I have a same problem, I have lost my pin code and it’s been 6 days that I’m trying to find it.

    I don’t want to create a new account because I don’t want to lose my amount of JSE. I have been registered since 2017 even before the pin code security.

    In the meantime I keep trying …

    Thanks in advance for your help and improvements,


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