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    Dave Palmer

    Along with Bittrex, would love to see atomic swap feature added to JSECOIN so you don’t need an exchange to buy & sell altcoin with other altcoins.

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    ProChef Bill

    Like it was stated Bittrex is hardest to get on but most reputable IMHO. Cryptopia is probably the easiest and most respected for customer service with upcoming alt-coins. Polo is picky about what coins they list and Coinbase will NEVER add this coin. Id go with paying the DOT and get it listed on Crytopia so investers can see interest in coin. No intrest no Bittrex!!

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    satoshi lite the decentralized exchange!

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    John Brekelmans

    1. Bittrex
    2. Binance
    3. Kraken

    I dont recommend Poloniex. I had some issues with it

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    cryptopia would be better . I hope JSE will rule on Crytopia.

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    James Devonshire

    Cryptopia is fairly cheap to list a coin $25,000 – $50,000. Have a think about Cobinhood. Cobinhood has a trading engine capable of 1,000,000 transactions a second. All the other exchanges have fallen over under volume – also Cobinhood will have no trading fees (generates income form leverage trading x10 and ICO floatation)

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    john smith

    coinbase Hitbtc

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    Bittrex & Coinbase

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    Bittrex is a must if JSE is planed to have potential like XMR or similar..
    You can’t put it on cryptopia or some “low-level” excange just because it’s easiest.

    Bittrex is hard but it will raise the value of JSE alot and prove to investors you are seriuos with JSE on longterm…

    So plz, play on this card. It’s harder way but eventaly it will position you with big players.
    And will pay off.

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    Binance for sure. They are a solid exchange are quickly going to dominate the exchange space

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    Bittrex and Poloniex!

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    Kraken would be awesome – especially for people using EUR
    Bittrex for worldwide audience

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    I hope you do coinbase and bitrex

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    Zack Sabag

    Binance. 100%

    USA Friendly.

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