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    korea taegu

    저는 한국인 입니다. 한국의 bithumb, coinone, upbit 이 세곳중에 하나만 상장 되어도 너무 좋을거 같습니다.

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    Da Wra

    Wouldn’t be Coinpot not also a great option to get people on the boat, and the mining option from coinpot would also useful for the starting traffic, but i don’t know in how far their can be seen as an exchange service, but especially in contrast to the oher coins there, most of the users would probably prefer this option.

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    Bittrex for sure .

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    Rod It offers a very interesting way to change cryptocurrencies, assigning a permanent address so that all transfers to that address, are automatically converted to the chosen currency, and sent to the address where we will receive the currency already converted. But I think you should have an account on, to be able to use the permanent automatic conversion addresses.

    It may be useful for JSEcoin to reach an agreement with

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    How about ANY, just get on one and make us investors proud 😉

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    1. Poloniex, as a golden standard
    2. Anything you like
    3. Yobit. It’s crazy and shitty, laggy and with practically no support response, Russian – this is all about that negative feedback in the web. What is positive – despite all possible bad PR it is not a scam project, it’s rather adult, and never was severely hacked, an extremely popular place for not widely known coins. Or shitcoins sometimes). Read more about it, if you wish, this can be useful for you.

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    How long will it take to have Jsecoin in the exchanges? I have lots of friends here who wants to buy this coin.
    From: Dubai

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    Daved Daly

    Not Bittrex, seeing as they are closed to new sign-ups.

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    Daved Daly

    er, Binance stopped as well, doh

    poloniex i guess

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    cryptur is a decentralized exchange owned by a community coin

    the biggest differentiator to any other exchange is that it is not keeping the trading fees but sharing the profits across all stake holders of their coin.

    pretty unique also given there was no ICO but 100% fair mining scrypt with 0% premine.

    their listing fees are pretty low if your coin is based on bitcoin-qt

    0.5 btc I think

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