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    We got listed on LAToken and congratulation for this. Now we need to be listed on other exchanges like hotbit so we can also be listed on coinmarketcap. Am I right?

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    Biiiance! So Mobile friendly! Although Binance vites alots with it’s members on new coin so I don’t know. Binance if possible

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    What about Ethinex? We have an ERC20 token, no reason it can’t be trading on the IDEX and other Ethereum exchanges.

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    Scroll down the page, search a bit and you will find a link to the ‘news section’ (under ‘Company’).

    So it seems it will be Latoken.

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    Listing Update:

    Anyone can apply on Circle & Coinbase. Coinbase intends to open up much more readily, and I believe they said there will not be a fee for the listing, just their cut on transactions from fiat to crypto.

    Think we can give it a shot now? We’re not huge, but the code is opensource and JSEcoin is kicking it white-hat style.

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    Coinbase is still a long shot because they only list a handful of currencies at present. They’ve been talking about adding ERC20 tokens for over a year now and I think we are getting closer to that happening but it’s unlikely that we will see JSE on there in the short-term.

    We do need another exchange though because we need two to get listed on coinmarketcap. Options are either to go with something cheap/free just to tick the box or to look for an exchange that gives us some exposure in Asian markets.

    Will be doing some more research on this over the next week.

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    It will be listed immediently after ICO end?

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    Zeniex might be a good choice, because it targets both Korean and Chinese communities. South Korea is the crypto hub in asia, I would definitely prioritize them and I figure the Chinese community will follow.

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    Coinbase is not a long shot ninja infact Binance isn’t either. If we had informed the community of the yearly vote we could of stood a chance. Winner this year was Pax and Go, both won with 10k< votes, we can easily beat that if we all banned together and voted. Maybe next year.
    If Coinbase offers Erc 20, offer to give them a million tokens for their own personal sells.. we should have plenty left over from ico and that alone is an investment worth it. Being the first erc20 on Conbase would set the standard. I don’t really don’t know what’s more beneficial being on multiple smaller exchanged or a couple of big names. I just know I want Jse to succeed.
    LAToken is LAToken. Don’t know them but I find there exchange crappy, slow in trade, and low in users compared to others. So I’m just finger crossed we can get on something user friendly and populated like Binance or anything with an app, because every one has a smart device these days.

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    In my humble opinion, i believe that we should apply for many exchange listings. Not just one or two. Thats because we need JSECoin to be known to the world since its been the first JavaScript Coin. Also, like Brandon says we can wait for a new opportunity to get listed to big exchanges like binance / bittrex / coinbase using the vote of JSEcoin’s community.
    Sorry for my bad English. I hope you get the point.

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    Coinespot is a Australian exchange hosting 50 or so coins could be worth a look .

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    Go with some US / European exchanges rather than with Asian. I think your JSE main market should be English speaking countries plus Europe.

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    I don’t know ShineBro, I really think we need Asia. There’s a reason everything being made in Asia is blowing up, they have serious money right now. But due to all this blockchain stuff, I think Europe is going to amass a lot of wealth over the next decade because the countries in Europe are becoming the most friendly to crypto. I think the tiny Island Malta is a big deal now, Binance relocated there.

    Anyways, look at Tron, Vechain, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, make the Asia-side of the world happy with your blockchain and you’ll be getting that lambo…

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    James Bachini

    We have confirmation of another exchange listing with IDEX Decentralized Exchange.

    Full announcement here:

    IDEX Decentralized Exchange

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    Awesome that’s the most popular decentralized token dex

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