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    “overtollige middelen te doneren”…nobody will use this. Sounds like giving away your garbage can to an homeless person.

    I know what they mean, because I know a bit about computers and websites. But my mother? I doubt it….

    The problem is that for most of the computer terms, there is simply no Dutch translation, so why translate them anyway?

    But if it absolutely needs to be translated, I would go for: “Door verder te gaan, ga je ermee akkoord dat onze site een aantal berekeningen in je browser uitvoert. Uw computer zal hierdoor niet trager gaan werken”.

    This is correct, honest and decent Dutch, but quite far from the original English version.

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    french translation is ok

    Ce site est supporté par JSEcoin
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    Cela n’aura pas d’impact sur votre expérience de navigation.

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    Dutch translation has been updated. How about if we checked for a global var before anything else so a webmaster could set the language and override whatever other options we have in place. So the code now looks like this:-

    const browserLanguage = window.JSESetLanguage || document.documentElement.lang || window.navigator.userLanguage || window.navigator.language || ‘en-US’;

    and the code to set the language to English would be to place this snippet above the mining code snippet.

    window.JSESetLanguage = ‘en’;

    I’ll push this out in the next 15 minutes.

    custom language jsecoin

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    Thanks James, this is perfect!

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    Hi guys!

    How can I submit a translation for my native language? Hungarian – hu_HU

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