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    That would be nice, thanks for your answer.

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    Hello, jse is the mining platform will not function anymore?

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    Sergey L.

    When mining in your personal account on the site
    According to observations, xeon 2670 (2 cpu) gives the information block on the explorer and the maximum
    – IE 100/500
    – Opera and Chrome 1850/2850 (But when loading the cpu, it sags 2 times, to about 1100)
    The site on the iPhone does not start up at all, it does not load after login. Also all the layout of the site strayed

    Acceleration at the maximum – 9, cpu loaded browser on 1%
    Reward now is 0.005 for hash found
    Until something like that. Already interesting 🙂

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    I’m still seeing a very wide difference between reported hashes found and JSE mining payouts for platform mining. So far today my system has found 519 hashes and earned only 0.895 JSE for this. I understand that due to parallel nature of mining there may be identical hashes found on other systems but the current collision rate is worse than 50%. In addition there is no feedback from the system that indicates when a hash is obsolete/etc. May I suggest that the “JSE Submit Response” indicate ‘Hash Accepted’ vs ‘Hash Rejected’ instead of the current return value of ‘Thanks’?

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    Appears to be all up and running but not like it use to be in the early adopters stage.

    Personally I think platform mining should be geared down more in preference to website publisher mining.

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    Agree with you.

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    I just found out about the multi computers. I stopped. However, Im running at 2000+hps

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    Now I´m self mining with my CPU getting 4375 hp/s but lately was running on 5023 hp/s I don´t know why it goes down.

    I´m new to Crypto mining well new like 4 months and I love it !!

    I´m learning what to do and what no to do, can´t wait for the ICO

    Happy Mining.

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    Is it OK to mine in multiple browser windows on same machine?

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    JSE Admin

    Hi Jonas, we have restrictions in place so that you will only be making the same amount even if you log in to two different accounts on two different browsers the earnings will just be split between the two accounts. So there is no real benefit.

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    joseph fogas

    I am self mining with the window in focus and getting an average of 3600-3700 hashrate with my max peaking at 5822. The accelerator is turned up to max. I am using the new firefox. I am using a core i3 6100 on windows 10.

    I am really hoping this is the next bitcoin, in terms of profitability. It is really genius and I think it carrys a ton of potential with it.

    maybe, until the ICO… we could bump that accelerator up some more notches? 😉

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    For the self miners, do you have any plans to release a chrome or firefox plugin that would allow them to mine without having to have the webpage active?

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    also, would it be legit to install this on a web page, then log in multiple computers on that website to mine?

    for instance… i have friends that work in offices… would I be able to say “hey, i need help mining coin, will you go to this webpage during your shift and let it sit?”

    I want coin but I dont want to break any rules, and I’m only asking as I feel it’s a legit question that many may have.. or ideas others may have as well

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    1st off, this is really cool…. just let it run and make a few $$$…. However, I cannot seem to make very much on this laptop. I have let the mining run for 24 hours now and only at .77 total. That also includes the .12 for the new join. Granted, there were times that I have been doing other things so I am sure I slowed the process down.

    I do have another laptop that I can dedicate to this however I would like to know if there is anything I can do to tweak my system to get the most out of my mining. My other laptop is older but runs well with Linux. My concern is that I would consume more in electricity than this program would produce for me in a 24 hour period.

    I hope that made sense and there might be a way to help maximize my system to get the most out of mining. It’s an HP DV7 with a triple core processor. Thanks in advance.

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    JSE Admin

    Hi Michelle, if you are doing other things you can try pulling the browser tab off in to a new window. This will stop it slowing down when you switch tabs.

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