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    JSE Admin

    Dirty Mustard,

    We had a user who developed his own chrome plugin but Google said that cryptocurrency mining was against their terms. We have a desktop app which will achieve the same thing which has actually been developed but we have put the release on hold until the next update is done because we don’t want to keep having to force update downloads on the app.

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    Thank you for your response. I have noticed that yes, keeping the browser open and on the desktop does keep it mining but running other applications does slow the mining down quite a bit. At least on my laptop it does. Even the screensaver seems to slow down the mining.

    From what I have read about cryptomining…. and believe me, I am NO expert or anything in fact I barely understand it…. however…

    I have read that this uses excess processor to mine. So I would assume that the more of the processor I can dedicate to mining the better it would mine is that correct?

    One article was saying that this one person built a mass amount of computers to maximize his income however I think that is more mining like your company not an end user like me. I really don’t know.

    I guess I am wondering is that if I dedicate my extra laptop to just mine 24/7…. is there anything I can do to dedicate my system resources to the mining activity. Aside from having nothing open but the browser and no screensaver?

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    hi michelle,

    someone correct me if i am wrong, but .77 for 24 hours on a laptop seems about right to me. I get just under a coin in 24 hours and that is using my desktop browser all day. I would think that a laptop (having less processing power) would pull less.

    granted, there are times that I use my desktop but when mining i TYPICALLY have it half/screen mining and half screen whatever i’m browsing.

    yesterday I Believe I got .88 coins or something like that.

    and again, correct me if I am wrong, but from the way I understand it, the more people that are mining, the harder it is going to get to get a full coin… The more people mining, the harder it gets… the harder it gets, the less you pull, however this should also drive the price of the coin up.

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    i am at .76 now with about 5 hours to go until their system date rolls over.

    just stating for comparisons.

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    JSE Admin

    Hi yes Joseph is right in that 0.5-1 JSE/day is about right for the self-mining. There are 720 JSE tokens distributed each day to self-miners. You can see how many people have logged in that day on the mining page which will give a rough idea of what to expect with earnings. As time goes on I think more users will make it more and more competitive.

    To answer Michelle’s question about more processor = more earnings. This is true up to a certain point. We limit the lottery entries to one user per 30 second block. There is little benefit in earnings to finding more than one hash per 30 seconds. If you can consistently find a hash in each block cycle you will be receiving the maximum available tokens. The reason we do this is to stop anyone rigging up really high powered hardware which would ruin it for everyone else.

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    Did you guys update something? I am pulling 12K hps.

    I know there isn’t a benefit to hitting more than one hash per 30 seconds, but this seems like a big change in how the miner function has behaved.

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    Hi Justin,

    Read the announcement, it happened earlier.


    Hashing has pretty much doubled for me.

    Onwards and upwards.

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    Luiz Augusto

    Hi Justin.

    Hashing has been working like 10 times faster now! wow!

    What a great improvement !

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    Luiz Augusto

    Wait, after I post here my hash rate has been locked to 10000hp/s

    What’s happened, Justin?

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    Luiz Augusto

    Sorry, I mean not Justin but JSE Admin.

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    joseph fogas

    same here. 10k max. I guess it is so other users have a chance to submit a hash on the block to earn… if all it takes is a hash every 30 seconds, than doing more than that would be pointless and keep others from earning.

    I am totally guessing

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    joseph fogas

    I’ve also noticed constant hash rates, even when firefox is minimized

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    JSE Admin

    Hi the update went through yesterday and hash rates went up dramatically because there is less data to calculate. We have capped it at 10k for the time being.

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    i observed that after this hash cap the reward is slower than before, same cpu power same everything just the new system…

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    so I get the idea is to have a global miner that will be working together and this is the best mining platform I can think of, however the problem I do see is that, we can’t in input this code without our client to approve and we have have a site or two to put it on our own.

    Do you feel the miners are at disadvantage when choosing what coins to mine as with the passion and optimism to support minning of this project, we are also tight down to very limited reward, and while we can get people to sign up, not exactely everytime i can remember this browser as its value of minning would be lowered if there were high number of miner?

    I guess my ultimate question is that the user have computer and resource to support the minning but we dont have much way to participate

    also do you feel an extension on chrome or firefox will help us to easily start minning if we install it, this way we would be minning without having to navigate to page and start.

    just my 2 cent , i love the idea, and i hate missing out on the crowfund so yes i am trying to mine as much as possible.


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