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    Hi Wali, the rewards are still the same and the number of new miners has grown a bit but not a huge amount I think so distribution per user should still be similar. What may have happened is that now the mining is more efficient users with lower powered devices have “caught up” with users with higher powered hardware but I don’t think this would have a significant impact. If your earnings are a lot lower try refreshing your browser and logging back in again just to make sure you have the latest code updates running.

    Hi Vincent, I think that eventually once we list on exchanges the price should go up alongside the number of users. So as we grow the userbase and increase competition in the mining pool the reward value compared to BTC/USD should also go up offsetting the increased competition. Regarding a chrome / firefox extension, it’s hard to get working well which is why we have focused our efforts on a desktop app which allows us more control and we aren’t reliant on the app stores. This has been developed and we just need to update the code and do final testing before it’s released.

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    Two words: Mobile App

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    Thanks for the answers. I found an accelerator which has helped a bit and when I am not doing anything else on this laptop it does pretty well.

    Hash Rate Percentage Chart (Maximum Hash Rate: 12000 hashes/sec)

    I also have to get out of the mindset that JSE coins are the same as earning USD. I watched a very interesting documentary on Netflix about Bitcoin, their start, hurldes and where they are now…. I am very excited about this program and really hope it takes off.

    Fingers crossed!!! If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to ask! :^)

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    Reno Frankie Lim

    Dear all, I’m currently mining with my browser. I’m mining on my laptop but my top hashrate is always 20H/s.
    Plus I’ve already set the settings up to 80% of my CPU usage already.

    So how do I increase my hashrate? And does mining on browse profitable? Does it consume a lots of electricity?

    Thanks so much in advance.
    Hear you all soon =)

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    Hi Reno, sounds like something is wrong there if it’s dropping out at 20 h/s. What operating system (windows/linux/ios/android etc) and what browser (chrome/firefox/safari) are you using?

    The mining will consume very little additional electricity/bandwidth if you are using you computer and just mining in the background. I can’t provide exact figures because it varies between devices but this is something that we will be testing in the future to provide benchmarks.

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