What is your Hashrate (max and current) and CPU model?

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    oc i5 6400 – 6793 hp/s

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    5600 is max, usually I sit around 4000

    I have an i5-6500

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    Well Im surprised! Im using a laptop that slows down badly regularly just to see what happens. First time tonight. My highest rate is 9499hp/s and average is 7000 until I do something like comment here while its running as then it drops to 13ish lol!

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    My Acer C771 Chromebooks is now getting a max hp/s of 36000!
    avg speed test around 20000.
    Core i5 Skylake, 4GB RAM

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    joseph fogas

    mine are around 10k now

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    I have a i5 on my laptop pulling 40k+ max today was 49771.

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    mine was 40k yesterday on i5..tday 10 k
    do u guys know what affects on hashrate

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    They capped the hashrate to 10k because due to the new ‘hash a hash’ the performance was much better than expected.

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    I’m on Intel Core i7-4700HQ 2.40GHz
    Averaging about 10,000 hp/s

    I was averaging 28,000 hp/s when they temporarily raised the max to 30,000. I was sad when they lowered it again

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    IPhone 6 2500 max
    IPhone 8 1500 max

    Both with it running in the foreground – will try my pc tomorrow. Would love to duplicate the 30k hash stated above.

    Impressed with the pi hash!

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    HP 11 Touchscreen Chromebook
    Intel Celeron N3060
    4GB Ram

    Max 8000-8300 h/s
    Average 4200-5400 h/s
    Lowest seen 200-700 h/s

    ^Guess that was how I was supposed to type that out…

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    wahyu y

    i7 3770
    max 12000 h/s

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    9K to 11K hp/s

    Amd Ryzen R7 1800X
    Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming 5
    32Gb Corsair Ram
    Zotac Gtx 1080 AMP Edition

    Do i win?

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    AMD FX-4300 —Quadcore 3.80Ghz / overclock 4.12Ghz
    single 8GB RAM DDR3 1800Mhz
    16GB of virtual memory
    4GB of ReadyBoost (on USB memory)

    Maximum Hash Rate: 8044 hashes/sec

    Average real speed= 6000 hp/s – 6600 hp/s

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