What is your Hashrate (max and current) and CPU model?

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    Thanks for answering 😀 , also it looks like today I’m getting more JSe compared to the last few days? right now I already got 8 JSe’s for only about 3 hours.

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    Hi !
    12 000 hp/s max here, in Chrome

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    Andrew Schmitz

    I get around 10,000 on my pc with a 1050ti. On a chromebook, I get around 1,500.
    However, i have been mining a day and only have 4 JSE. How much should I expect to be getting. I hear that some people have thousands. What gives?
    Hoping that this goes far and value goes to about 1 JSE- 1 USD.

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    Hi Andrew,

    Apologies, i missed this post here earlier, and whilst I know I have already answered the question on Reddit, I thought I’d also post my answer here in case anyone else was interested in the reply. I’ll also head over to Reddit and respond to your reply.

    Mining rewards work on a lottery system where finding a valid hash earns you a ticket into a lottery where 50 winners get rewarded a 1 JSE token. This lottery takes place every 30 seconds, with a new 50 x 1JSE available each time adding up to 144,000JSE available each day. Therefore in order to maximise earnings you want to be finding a hash every 30 seconds block. A hashrate of 1500h/s is a little low for this and you should aim for around 3000-5000h/s which should be fine. You can control your hashrate using the accelerator which can be found clicking the settings button on the mining page. Different browsers also seem to produce different hash rates, so it may be worth trying a few and see if this impacts earnings. Underneath the hashrate chart you will see an information box which will tell you if you are finding a hash each block.

    In terms of how many tokens you should earn per day, on the mining page you will see how many self miners are online at that moment. This info is also availablo at our block explorer https://blockchain.jsecoin.com/#/Stats If you presume that the figure will stay reasonable stable over a 24 hour period simply divide the number of tokens available by the number of miners online. Currently there are 3339, meaning I can expect to earn roughly 43 tokens per 24 hours (144,000/3339 = 43.13. As the lottery is random, and the number of miners may change, this is not a guaranteed figure, but you should average roughly this over time. This is also based on finding a hash each block.

    In terms of users having thousands of tokens, this could be because they have been mining for a long time, as the platform has been running over a year now. They may utilising the publisher mining on a website they own, or they may be earning extra tokens via the bounty and referral programs, details of which can be seen on the specific pages of the platform.

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    9700 h/s intel i3-7100

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    max is 12000

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    10 year old i7 920

    normal 2.6 ghz – 8500 H/s
    overclock @ 3.8 ghz – 10k H/s

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    i7-7500U 4M Cache, up to 3.50 GHz)
    Cores 2 Threads 4 8GB DDR4 2133 MHz


    hash rate x3, hash rate fixa 12000, speed test 10000/11000
    hash rate x2 hash rate fixa 8000/11000, speed test 7000/10000
    hash rate x1 hash rate fixa 3500/5500, speed test 2000/5000

    which would be recommended?

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    i7-7500U 4M Cache, up to 3.50 GHz)
    Cores 2 Threads 4 8GB DDR4 2133 MHz

    Chrome V70.0.3538.110 64B

    hash rate x3, hash rate fixed 10000/12000, speed test 9000/11000
    hash rate x2 hash rate fixed 7000/11000, speed test 6000/10000
    hash rate x1 hash rate fixed 3000/5500, speed test 2000/5000

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    Steven F

    Toshiba P755-S5215 Laptop
    Intel Core i3-2310M CPU @ 2.10GHz
    8.00 GB RAM DDR3-1600
    Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit OS

    CryptoTab Browser
    Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    Max Hashrate = 9750 h/s
    Current Hasrate = 9196 h/s

    Joined JSEcoin self mining platform on 9/21/2018
    JSEcoins mined last 7 days = 397
    JSEcoins mined since 9/21/2018 = 4056

    Laptop is used daily for web-surfing, facebook, gaming (LOA3, casino sites), Crypto(websites/exchanges/faucet claims), With JSEcoin Platform miner Hash Rate Acceleration set @ 9(max). JSEcoin platform miner runs in its own fullscreen CryptoTab browser window. Even during heavy gaming usage hashrates stay above 1500 h/s.

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