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    I understand your concerns with the referral program. Unfortunately when we had it open globally it caused a lot of problems. There was an incredible amount of referral spam coming from places like Indonesia. It seemed like certain countries had unlimited access to new IP addresses and email accounts. We were also getting a lot of support queries and questions in foreign languages and google translate isn’t the best when it comes to technical discussions. For this reason we are currently focusing on English speaking countries as our primary target market. This isn’t ideal for anyone living outside the target regions but I hope you can at least appreciate why we had to put the restrictions in place.

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    I would reconsider it at least opening the referral to European countries where the IP address restrictions are stricter. But your choice of course.

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    The Joker

    Hi everyone,

    JSEcoin is very new, well at least to me. I follow the ongoings in the crypto world, do I have some? No, allthough I was going to tend to get some. Now coming to JSEcoin, I very much like the concept and it is true what glemiere says. For this I think we can find an easier solution. I think following things should be put on a list of highest priority to get fixed, then I see JSEcoin to be a fast growing and future cryptocurrency many will make use off.

    1) There is currently a WordPress plugin, however it gets detected by the security software from many users and that can be a death-strike for JSEcoin if this is not corrected very soon. A webmaster won’t risk losing it’s customers if visitors get a warning infected website, the visitors are gone and probably will never return. No crypto miner can come up with weighting the losses out in this case. So it will be important that the code will be added to the exception list of security software.

    2) so that point 1 will work, it is important that JSEcoin is easy and transparent to be seen to any visitor, example the JSEcoin.com website, I did not see any pop up or warning you have it running here. Put one up and explain why you have it here and let the user decide to continue running it or not.

    3) continued from point 2) the WordPress plugin needs to have this option in addition and that could work well, let the visitor decide what he she wants to see: choose advertisements on the website or the miner in the background or option 3 sign up for an account on that website (paid or free) to disable both. The webmaster will still make his money to cover the costs of a website and the visitor decides how he is going to support the website he she visits. Everyone happy.

    4) as pointed out, the spread of the new coin needs to be supported worldwide, offer affiliate possebilities for anyone to join.

    5) translation in different languages, more languages will create more trust in this product, I know as I speak 4 languages fluently and people always feel closer connected if they can talk in their language with their culture.

    5) creating more trust can also be reached in making educational videos to be spread over social media, why is JSEcoin the answer to all cryptos out there. Make it a bit funny too and you win many hearts.

    Now I can go on with many more ideas to help JSEcoin, but I think for now these 5 should be the one being taking care off. I like to hear any suggestions and your meanings to this.

    The Joker ツ

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    JSE Admin


    I’ll reply to these points individually.

    1) We are working to get whitelisted with the antivirus and ad blocking companies. This is an ongoing process and we are putting together tools to flag early warnings and a formal CRM type system.

    2) You will see the pop up on any site that is running the JSEcoin mining code. It’ll only show once per hour to stop it popping up on every page as a user browses through a site.

    3) This is a good idea and might be something we will look at if/when we build out the advertising system. Potentially a user could choose whether to mine or have a banner added at the bottom of the page or something like that.

    4/5) Translation is something we are working on. The new version of the platform has support for multiple languages. When this is released we will be looking to translate the whitepaper and platform. We still probably wont be able to offer support in anything other than English but this will be a good start.

    5) Yes I did a quick walkthrough video that has proved quite popular so we will do some more of those and also record some team Q&A type sessions. We have to focus on the development at the moment and not get distracted but this is on the to do list.

    Thanks for your comments and advice ツ


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    I have a suggestion. JSE coin number and mining seems difficult. With increase in difficutly people will be getting 0.5 coins per day or something like that. Psychologically it hurts. These 0.5 coins might be worth 100 USD but if you give people 100 coins worth 1 USD each, they will be happier. In my opinion JSE should release a micro JSE coin and rewards should be calculated accordingly in micro JSEcoin. I know this does not seem big deal but I think it will have huge impact psychologically.

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    JSE Admin

    Hi Faisal,

    This is a good point. Someone else suggested that investors would be more inclined to purchase a token that is priced below $1 usd because some don’t take the market cap into consideration.

    We could potentially increase everyone’s holdings and the market cap by 100x and decrease the cost x100 at ICO. So everyone’s holdings in the project would be the same they would just hold 100x the tokens but the same percentage of the total supply. It would be fairly easy to do from a technical point of view, would need to check out the legalities of changing the whitepaper.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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    This is a great idea that will make the coin more attractive in terms of mining rewards, ICO pricing and post ICO trading perspectives

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    This will positively affect the view of the coin as a better future prospect.

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    Finally!! 🙂

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    I think increasing the total amount of coins would make it more desirable from a viewers standpoint. I am very optimistic about this product and happy to have found it so early haha.

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    Thumb up for the idea!

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    You are all too optimistic,like the other currencies, the value of jse will be very inferior at 1 us cent.

    at the beginning

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    Marketing, marketing, marketing, oh and increase the amount of maximum coins and initial coins.

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