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    3k youtube views is far to low

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    i retract the mention of more coins, there will be 10 billion? ide edit my posts if i could find the option to instead of making new ones. but yes marketing marketing marketing, lol.

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    They just need to spend XX.XXX dollars to get high value of token.

    Another thing is hard self-mining. They should reward more webmasters – visitors of website that mine JSE and goal.

    And as somebody said starting tolen value will be low – few cents. Do not expect to price will go to 10$ in few days.

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    Is 167.12 JSE earned alot in 36 hours. i feel its pretty good. im just using the solo mining application in browser

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    i mean its 10$ earned at an opening ico of 0.06 cents

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    Hi Mario, so the total daily distribution to self-miners is 144,000 JSE. On the platform you can see the number of currently logged in self-miners and work out if you are above or below average if you are mining 24 hrs.

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    thank you and i love how simple this is. I’ve been researching crypto’s for a week now and tried etherium mining which is easy as well. the rest seem more complicated and the only other energy efficient model, Burstcoin, is ridiculously annoying and perhaps confusing, they require you to get one burst coin before u even start mining… some weird runaround way of starting, anyway i believe energy efficient models have to be the future and i appreciate the simplicity of this.

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    I thought the ICO was listing at .006, not .06?

    Anyways, I think this coin has a bright future. Everyone hates ads and this barely touches system resources like that Monero JS miner did. I’ve had a few websites set to mine since September of 2017 and while the earnings have been lower than a single adsense ad, I think the future is looking bright.

    Anyone know of a way to verify the miner is active for a user? If the API let me see the IPs of every current miner on request then that would be awesome. I could make so many tools with that info. I need to be able to verify that users are actually mining instead of just idling the page with a cryptominer-blocker.

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    i heard 6 cents on one of JSE’s youtube videos, atleast thats what i recalled, but i guess you may be right

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    Yep it’s going to be roughly 0.006 USD, set to an equivalent exchange rate with ETH at the time.

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    Omar Faris

    I would say it could have a minimum equivalence to 1$ US Dollar and a maximum of $10. The entire cryptocurrency is newly founded and it will begin a partnership with ICO which has an equivalenced coin to $1. So that’s my input on the entire matter.

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    i think if you build some plugin or add-on for browser will be great. so when the self-mining user opening new tab, hash rate won’t drop

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