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Information For Publishers

February 14, 2019 News Publishers 0

Yesterday we launched the JSE ad exchange. You can log in to your account and set up advertising campaigns at

Ads will go live on the 20th February 2019 and will provide additional monetization for publishers content. We are creating a direct, open, transparent marketplace for the trading of digital advertising between media buyers and publishers.

Our aim is to create utility for the JSE token and increase demand and ultimately price on exchange. At this stage rather than take a margin we are passing on 100% of ad spend to the publishers in the form of cryptocurrency payments. This provides a unique selling point for the ad exchange for both advertisers and content creators.

Banners will be displayed across all publishers sites by default automatically. These will be in the following formats:

Mobile 300×100 header
Desktop 728×90 header, 300×250 floating right

We have chosen these placements for the launch as they offer visibility with minimal disruption to site navigation, content and user experience.

If you do not want JSE network ads on your site then please either remove or update the JSE code snippet in the next week. You can simply untick the “Earn additional revenue with advertising” and update the code on your site to continue to use the mining while opting out of the advertising and additional revenue.

Screenshot of the publisher setup basic options

The publisher interface has now been updated with a new stats panel providing complete transparency and control for content monetization. Advertising stats can be broken down into the following categories:-

  • SiteIDs
  • Daily
  • SubIDs
  • Placements
  • Countries
  • Sites/Domains
  • Advertisers
  • Devices

Site owners can block individual advertisers for any reason they see fit providing complete control to the publisher.

We hope this update to the JSE network will meet with the approval of publishers and media buyers alike and create a new long-term opportunity for the monetization of digital content using cryptocurrency.

So, whats next for the JSE team?

The official beta release of the iOS & Linux app will be out soon – a number of users have already been compiling & testing the Linux edition from our Github repo and response has been great! On iOS we are waiting for final approval from Apple to confirm we meet their requirements.

The ad tech platform will be evolving quickly over the next few months. We will be listening closely to the requests from our users, webmasters and publishers and there will be a heavy focus in this area with continuous development.

Additional medium term development will also be going in to the JSE ecosystem. To make the merchant tools competitive for general cryptocurrency payments we are looking to integrate both Bitcoin and Ethereum payment options. Once this is in place we will start actively promoting the tools to merchants and ecommerce stores. An enterprise solution for bot detection is also planned to leverage and improve our internal technology.