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InText Ads

March 6, 2019 Announcements Development Publishers 0

The latest update to the JSE ad exchange is being pushed out at around 18:00 UTC today. This will go live with the inText ads across the publisher network that are opted-in to display advertising

InText ads are text link ads which are inserted into page text which appears between HTML paragraph tags <p></p>. To start with a maximum of one ad per page will be injected. Revenues/Ad spend is calculated on a CPM basis in the same way as banners.

Links are labelled with rel=”nofollow” and no ad request is made for known spiders/crawlers to provide reassurance to website owners that rely on search engine traffic

The code has been designed to be non-intrusive and ensure that site navigation and existing links aren’t overwritten. If a visitor hovers over the link it will display “JSE inText Advertising” so full transparency is provided throughout the user experience.

Campaigns can be setup using the ad type option and pasting a keyword or keyword list (one per line) into the provided text box on the new campaign page.

Keywords can be passed through as a tracking parameter in the advertiser URL using the dynamic token {keyword}

Publishers have full control over the inText ads and there is an option to turn them off or on in the advanced settings. Publishers that have already opted-out of advertising will not see ads.

This provides another option for publishers to monetize their content, an opportunity for advertisers and is a further step forwards in the development of the JSE ad exchange


Campaign Setup:-


Setting up a inText ads campaign with targeted keywords
This is the stats panel where you’ll see keywords instead of banners under the creatives tab
Publisher options to turn on or off under advanced settings in publisher setup