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This is notification that we will be closing the current Pre-ICO funding round at midnight GMT on the 4th of December.

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Investing in an early stage cryptocurrency startup is inherently risky.

The JSEcoin platform was launched publicly in August 2017 and we expect to list on exchanges in 2018, until that time there will not be any liquidity and you will not be able to sell tokens you purchase pre-ICO. Please take the time to read our Whitepaper and Terms before making an investment.

Investors can now contribute in exchange for JSEcoin tokens via our crowdsale directly from the platform

Register your account at and use the funds menu option.

Payments are accepted in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Paypal ($5000 max).

Transfers are checked manually and funds should show in your account within 24hrs. Transactions totaling more than $10,000 USD require ID verification to comply with KYC regulations.

We have tied the currency to the USD for this initial period while we raise the funds required for marketing, exchange fees and business start-up costs.

At 1USD:1JSE the current coin cap would give a valuation of less than $700,000 USD which in our opinion is reasonable for a cryptocurrency start up with so much potential and traction. At 1 USD there is a high potential for price growth when we list on exchange providing an incentive to investors and early adopters.

Exchange listing will take place after the ICO in 2018, at this time investors will be able to trade their JSE tokens at open market value on 3rd party exchanges.

Register your account at and use the funds menu option.