JSE Token Changes And Network Maintenance

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JSE Token Changes And Network Maintenance

April 4, 2018 Announcements Development News Publishers 0

Following our proposal last month (https://jsecoin.com/token-economics-proposal/) we have now tested and are ready to roll out the updates to the token economics.

We plan on carrying out these updates on Friday 6th April. During this time the network will be offline for approximately 1 hour. Everyone holding JSE on the platform or in coincodes will find their holdings increase 200x (20000%).

If anyone hasn’t read the reasons for us doing this or has any concerns then please see the previous article linked above. We are effectively moving the decimal place and this will not affect your holdings in the project as a percentage of the hard cap or circulating supply.

Mining rewards have been increase relative to the new figures:

  •     Self-mining: 50 rewards per 30 second block at 1 JSE (previously 0.005 JSE)
  •     Publisher-mining: 50 rewards per 30 second block at 2 JSE (previously 0.01 JSE)

Referral payments have been increased but at slightly less due to complaints that these were too high relative to mining rewards.

  •     Affiliate CPA Commission: 200 JSE (previously 3.5 JSE)

To offset the negative impact on our affiliates, which we value greatly, we will be opening up the following regions:-

  1. DE (Germany)
  2. FR (France)
  3. CH (Switzerland)
  4. SE (Sweden)
  5. NO (Norway)
  6. FI (Finland)
  7. BE (Belgium)
  8. NL (Netherlands/Holland)
  9. LU (Luxembourg)
  10. DK (Denmark)
  11. AT (Austria)

This is in addition to the currently accepted regions of: US,CA,GB,IE,AU,NZ,ZA

The welcome bonus will be set at 0.12 for all countries globally. We see no reason to increase this as it is just for users to test with and increasing it to a significant amount will only increase our exposure to fraud.