JSEcoin Bitdefender White-Listing and New API Functions

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JSEcoin Bitdefender White-Listing and New API Functions

January 4, 2018 Announcements Code Development News 0

A big thank you to Bitdefender for actually having good technical engineers that took the time to review our platform properly and give us a whitelisting. We received the following email today:-

Hi James,

Thank you for your patience and I deeply apologize for the delayed response.

The analysis has been completed and the URLs provided are no longer blocked by Bitdefender.

The websites were not blocked because of anything malware related, they were blocked because if the mining crypto script, they were detected as a “Potentially unwanted application”.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, should you need any assistance in the future.
Have a wonderful day!

Best regards,

[Name Removed]

Bitdefender Technical Support Engineer

This is great news, as the anti-virus and ad-blocking companies pose a big threat to the future of web based cryptocurrency mining. It’s great to see a positive response to our efforts to differentiate ourselves from the hidden background Monero mining operations. If only all anti-virus/ad-blocking organisations were so diligent and professional to deal with.

We have some new developments with API features going live today. The following functions are now available and documented at https://jsecoin.com/api/

  • ledger – receives the public ledger of userID’s and balances
  • checkUserID – returns a balance and public key
  • checkPublicKey returns a balance and userID

Here is a video demonstration using the new functions to build a ledger/leaderboard type application.

More good news is that we’ve finally managed to get Sendgrid to move our outgoing email service to a new IP pool. This should mean no more problems with delivery of emails to Yahoo addresses.