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JSEcoin Client Platforms

January 8, 2019 Announcements Code Comment Development News 0

For a long time we have maintained two client-side code bases. One for the web platform at https://platform.jsecoin.com and one for the desktop and mobile applications.

We will be merging the two code bases to form a single client side repository and the new web platform we be built from this.

In the latest version of the desktop app you can now expand the window to full screen. This will give you an idea of what the web platform is going to look like when it’s finished.

Here are some screenshots with and without dark mode enabled

Platform v2.0 dashboard
platform v2.0 mining interface with dark mode enabled

We are using the Vue.js framework with electron to build the desktop app and cordova to build the mobile apps.

There are many benefits to this. Primarily it removes a lot of duplicate code from the repositories and simplifies the server-side <> client-side communications. Vue uses webpack to allow us to use the latest Javascript standards and then have them compiled with backwards compatibility for older browsers

Due to the importance of the web platform we will be rolling this out slowly with the help of beta testers after the ad-exchange goes live and we have integrated the new publisher interface and merchant tools.

We are still having some issues getting the iOS app through the Apple approval system due to being crypto mining related. As soon as this is solved we will do an official announcement and launch of the mobile applications.

For more information please visit the downloads page: