JSEcoin Open Sourced Codebase on Github

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JSEcoin Open Sourced Codebase on Github

May 25, 2018 Announcements Code Development News 0

Today was a really important day in the project because we have open-sourced the code base at https://github.com/jsecoin

Open sourcing means we share our code with the world for peer review and reuse. But why would we want to do this?

  • Open-source code is safer because security vulnerabilities are discovered faster. This is particularly important now as we gear up for ICO we need all the help we can get reviewing the code base and finding any bugs. There will never be a better time to go bug hunting with the code open sourced only today so if there are any developers out there with an interest in application security why not earn yourselves some JSE: https://jsecoin.com/en/oddJobs/bugBounty/
  • Transparency, our code was never forked from another project. We are not a bitcoin/monero/ethereum clone but every line was written from the ground up over the last year. For this reason it’s important that stakeholders in the project can see under the hood to see how the network and platform operate. It’s a big step forwards in our efforts to operate ethically and openly.
  • Open-source code can help other developers. We don’t believe that reuse of code is a bad thing, we should be flattered if copycat companies pop up. Competition is healthy and if this code base inspires someone to pursue the same goals that we are pursuing for a more efficient digital economy then we support them. It’s also fairly safe to say that it would be hard for someone to understand and build out the architecture correctly to really develop it at the same speed as we will be moving forwards over the coming years.

The open source repository contains three projects with a fourth to be added in the next few days.

  1. Server – This is the jsenode which acts as a server for the platform and also the p2p client for the network.
  2. Platform – This is the client-side code which contains the desktop app, mobile apps (under development) and what will become the new web platform currently at https://alpha.jsecoin.com
    We didn’t open-source the current web platform because the code isn’t in great shape and we didn’t want to comment and clean it up when it’ll be redundant soon anyway. You can always view the source code in a browser as it’s not obfuscated if you want to check anything that isn’t in the new clients.
  3. Website – This is the vue.js website at https://jsecoin.com
  4. Contracts – (coming this weekend) is the ERC20/223 Ethereum smart contract that will be used to integrate with exchanges and 3rd party wallets.

Here’s a video of myself and John discussing the open sourcing of the project