Kaspersky Whitelisting

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Kaspersky Whitelisting

March 7, 2018 Announcements News Publishers 0

After months of talks we have finally reached a whitelisted status with Kaspersky.

This has been a long time coming and we have had to meet a lot of requirements and make compromises along the way to achieve this milestone. Kaspersky were one of our strongest critics and considered our project no different from the hidden background Monero miners. This caused problems with our websites, platform and mining code being blocked and flagged as malware.

It’s no coincidence that this has happened so soon after the opt-in system went live as this enabled us to make the final push for whitelisting.

Every miner on the JSE platform has now either opted-in via the privacy notification or signed up for an account on the platform.

Since Friday when we launched the opt-in system we have had 2.5 million opt-in miners across the network. As time goes on this number will grow and grow as we build a larger pool of users that have given consent for the JSE browser mining code to run on their system.

We are committed to ensuring these users do not have their user experience disrupted while mining and we are still only using a fraction of the available computational resources. As soon as a website visitor who has opted-in leaves a JSE publisher site the mining stops immediately.

Thank you to Kaspersky for whitelisting our domain and project.